Food For Thought: The Road of Life

hitting the road

I often muse on the road or path that our lives follow for the road and the path such perfect metaphors for the trajectory of our life. Where we go in our life, what we do, the detours we take, these are all aspects of traveling through our lives to get somewhere, or to just be, to just be in the moment and savor the journey.

Today, I remind myself that as I travel the road of life, I am grateful for the varied terrain, the gentle slopes, the tough hills, the steep canyons, the winding roads and the clear path ahead that have all been a part of my life. The journey was never meant to be easy.

Few are those who truly have an easy life. Though it may seem from the outside that some “have it made” or some “have it easy,” there are certain aspects of life that we never escape. The path is fraught with troubles for all of us. We can hide our troubles and keep them to ourselves or we can can be open about our troubles in effort to understand them better, and to let others know, that no one gets a pass on the road of life.

And so it is today, that I look out at snow falling on the first day of Spring and I am reminded that sometimes we go back, before we can go forward again. No matter how hard we strive there are always things that get in the way, and we must stop and go through what ever blocks our path, working out the details, learning, growing and becoming stronger with the setbacks.

Soon the snow will melt and Spring will resume its entrance into the cycle of life. In the unfolding of the season, buds will turn to blossoms and leaves will unfurl. The sides of the road will offer a new view, lush with life and eager to move forward. And I will in accord with Spring, look ahead, but not to far to stray from the moment, and welcome the stirring palette of inspiration that beckons.

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