If You’re Depressed, Be Open and Talk About It

An essay in today’s Washington Post about depression and suicide, details one young woman’s quest to be honest about her sister’s suicide, with the hope that she might help others think twice about suicide and get help:

I had to be honest. I had to tell the truth.

By the time I sat down to write my sister’s obituary I knew that the opening line could only be one thing: Aletha Meyer Pinnow, 31, of Duluth (formerly of Oswego and Chicago, IL) died from depression and suicide on February 20, 2016.

Eleni Pinnow said in her essay on her sister’s suicide:

The lies of depression can exist only in isolation. Brought out into the open, lies are revealed for what they are.

Here is the truth: You have value. You have worth. You are loved. Trust the voices of those who love you. Trust the enormous chorus of voices that say only one thing: You matter. Depression lies. We must tell the truth.

these-are-the-first-signs-of-depression-that-everyone-ignoresDepression is so common and yet we still have such a huge stigma about talking about it.

So many like this young woman in the story, Aletha Meyer Pinnow, who committed suicide at 31 years old, would rather keep their depression a secret than discuss it openly.

Here’s a few reason why that is wrong:

  • Talking about your depression helps.
  • Talking about your depression might save your life.
  • Talking about your depression might help you with addiction issues.
  • Talking about your depression leads to getting help.
  • Talking about your depression helps others to understand what you are going through and in turn it helps them help you.

I have lost more than a couple of dear friends to suicide and others to addiction related deaths. Often depression can lead to addiction. Not always, but it can happen. That is just another reason why it is important to seek help for depression.

depression-quotesDepression is a tough thing to live with. For people, like myself, depression comes with anxiety. Generalized Anxiety Disorder can lead to chronic depression if left unchecked.

Don’t be afraid to talk about your depression or anxiety. It helps… Trust me, I know this first hand. You’re not alone. I can honestly say, I’ve felt in the past what this photo to the right says, “i feel lost inside myself.”

There are so many people just like you out there, with various forms of depression. Get help, reach out, talk about how you feel. Communication is key to feeling better and learning to deal with your depression.

If you are contemplating suicide Eleni Pinnow, who wrote so honestly about sister in her obituary, says to please “call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255 or visit save.org.”

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