Fine Art Photography Show in Amesbury: Reflections on the River

The Blue Wave Art Gallery and Ovedia in Amesbury, Massachusetts are both featuring my fine art photography in a “reflections” themed body of small works focused on a series of work from summer 2016.

Blue Wave Art Gallery offers a range of cultural events in the North Shore region bringing forward new ideas in art, music and innovation to the town of Amesbury.  Blue Wave proudly exhibits the works of both established and emerging artists, and the gallery space provides a live stage for local musicians. And, finally, we hold art classes and lectures on a regular, monthly basis. Please email Gallery Director, Asia Scudder to purchase any of the works displayed below. 

Ovedia is a lovely chocolaterie and espresso bar located in the heart of historic Amesbury, just around the corner from the Blue Wave Art Gallery.

Reflections on the River captures the timeless essence of the history of wooden boat building in Amesbury, Massachusetts and intersects that history with views of reflections caught in the motion of the waters of the Merrimack River. Continue reading

On the River: Reflections and Motion

As a visual spatial person, I see most everything within the boundaries of a frame. That said, I feel that photography comes naturally to me. Many, many years ago I painted, oils, but I love the fact that with my camera I can instantly create art and channel what I see into something tangible to share with others.

Here in the photos below, I was fascinated by the patterns created by the colors and shapes, mixed with reflection of the building and the motion of both the Mallard ducks and the waters of the Merrimack River at the historic Lowell’s Boat Shop in Amesbury, Massachusetts.

Daily Affirmations: I Can Always Change

The wonderful thing about being human is that we possess an inherent ability to change if we so desire. I am always open to change and a redefinition of who I am. I am fluid, like the water that flows on the river. I am capable of changing like the weather. I might have a day when my thoughts are cloudy and gray but I am always capable of pulling through the mists and shining like the sun at the golden hour, reflecting my power for change upon the world around me. Today, I remind myself that I can always change and redefine who I am. And so it is…

golden hour

Namaste… Pamela

Farm Fresh and Local In the Newburyport Area

berries2As a child growing up in the rural area of Massachusetts’ Northshore, my family grew our own vegetables as so many rural families did in the 1950’s and 1960’s. There were also many small farm stands around the area, and by the time I was in high school in the early 1970’s a few of the local farms were starting to go by the wayside.

The farm policy had changed drastically during the Nixon administration thanks to Earl Butz, who was Nixon’s Secretary of the USDA. Many small farmers found it difficult to stay afloat without the subsidies they were accustomed to receiving from the federal government. The documentary King Corn, is a very informative film about how Butz’s policies shaped factory farming and growing corn as a the number one staple in processed food.

Very few working family farms remain in the Newburyport area that were working farms when I was a child. Most of the smaller farms of my childhood days are gone with the land being sold off for housing and commercial development. A few small farms continue to grow their own and sell their produce and meats at their farm-stand businesses. However, two newer, more enterprising larger farms in the area also carry other local and non-local produce and products as well as their own locally grown vegetables and fruits.

On a late spring afternoon in mid-June, I decided to take a drive along the backroads of the Newburyport area to take stock of the local farm stands and what they have to offer. Newburyport also has a vibrant Farmer’s Market on Sunday mornings at the Tannery on Water Street, but locavores in the area also rely on local farm stands for fresh vegetables and fruits in season as well as grass fed meats and free-range poultry. Continue reading

Artist Chooses Clean Design for Website

I recently completed a website for Amesbury artist Luke Lepore:

Luke Lepore

Luke Lepore

Luke was looking for a clean, simple design for his website. He wanted something that would not distract visitors to the website from his paintings. In the world of digital communication, images speak as loudly as words. Luke’s fabulous art work speaks for itself.

I setup Luke’s website with WordPress and I used the WordPress template Gridsby to create the layout. Gridsby is a great theme that is very flexible, highly responsive and has many built-in options for fonts and colors.

It was a pleasure working with Luke on his website. Contact me here about creating you new website!

Daily Affirmations: My Life Flows Like the River

There are times in our lives when we just know things will turn out the way we planned, and there are other times when we are not so certain about things or ourselves. Self-doubt is this niggling, nagging line of thinking that tugs at us like a fish on a line, struggling to get free from the hook. But self-doubt is ego driven and it is the hook that keeps us from moving forward at times when we need to release our self-doubt and flourish in the opportunities present in our lives.

sunset at point shore

Today, I remind myself that I am stronger than my self-doubt. I take a deep breath, I close my eyes and visualize my strength as a powerful river flowing from one source to another. I acknowledge that I have within all the strength I need to succeed. I affirm that I can free myself from the hook of my ego and let go of the negative self-doubt that holds me captive, like a fish on a line. I am stronger than the hook. My life flows like the river.

Namaste… Pamela

Photo: Sunset on the Merrimack River at Point Shore, Amesbury, MA ~ c. Pamela J. Leavey