Daily Affirmations: My Inner Critic Serves No Purpose

I know most days I am my own worst critic, finding fault with my work and doubting its viability in the world. We all face these doubts and insecurities, some of us more than others. The creative soul particularly struggles with these issues when their work is their art, no matter what form that art may be. The author painstakingly works and then reworks a simple phrase repeatedly, looking for the perfect words to describe a feeling or scene. The singer struggles with hitting the right note. The dancer pushes herself to extremes to reach a certain height as she leaps. But this is not simply the plight of the artist, as I notes, we all face these doubts and insecurities. We are all our own worst critic.

Today, I re-mind myself that my inner critic serves no purpose but to stand in my way. I open the door and give my inner critic permission to leave. I affirm to myself, that my work, my creative vision is viable and worthy. Each my inner critic sneaks back through my closed-door, I will send it packing. My inner critic serves no purpose. There is no room on my path for the inner critic.

maudslay trailPhoto: Trail at Maudslay State Park ~ c. Pamela J. Leavey


Primavera, also known as Allegory of Spring, is a panel painting by Italian Renaissance artist Sandro Botticelli. Painted ca. 1482, Primavera is known to be one of the most popular paintings in Western art, though it’s history is unknown. Among the theories of it’s creation is that it was commissioned in 1477 by Lorenzo de’ Medici.


Fascinating work of art, for contemplation on this the first day of Spring…