Quote of the Day: Julia Cameron

The creative soul creates from the heart. Always… The greatest gift for the creative soul is the presence of a muse… That which inspires is love.

“I recognize that art begins in the heart. I love my creative nature and I love expressing it. I create as an act of love and connection. I allow the Universe to dream through me, to create through me.” – Julia CameronHeart Steps: Prayers and Declarations for a Creative Life

white and red tulip

I remind myself this day and every day… I am abundant, I have love.

Namaste… Pamela

Artist Chooses Clean Design for Website

I recently completed a website for Amesbury artist Luke Lepore:

Luke Lepore

Luke Lepore

Luke was looking for a clean, simple design for his website. He wanted something that would not distract visitors to the website from his paintings. In the world of digital communication, images speak as loudly as words. Luke’s fabulous art work speaks for itself.

I setup Luke’s website with WordPress and I used the WordPress template Gridsby to create the layout. Gridsby is a great theme that is very flexible, highly responsive and has many built-in options for fonts and colors.

It was a pleasure working with Luke on his website. Contact me here about creating you new website!

Daily Affirmations: I Will Do My Best

As a writer I often struggle with my voice questioning whether my words are touching others lives as I intend them to. Artists often struggle with their creative talents and find it difficult at times to properly express themselves through their given medium. This is true for all people, as it speaks to a question of whether or not I am good enough, or capable of doing a good job in any vocation. It is important for us to learn to cross that bridge and put self-doubt behind us when it arises.

maudslay foot bridge

The bottom-line is that all people at one time or another suffer from self-doubt. In these moments of self-doubt, we each must remind ourselves that in doing our best, we will succeed…

Today, I honor the place in me that knows who I am. I am filled with a warm sense of comfort by honoring all that I am. I thank the Spirit that moves through me and brings my creations into fruition. I go forth on this day, knowing that I will do my best, in all that I do.

Namaste… Pamela

Photo: Foot Bridge at Maudslay ~ c. Pamela J. Leavey

International Women’s Day: Broken Down Woman Blues

It has been 22 years since I wrote the poem below about a woman who was “broken down” from all she had gone through in her life. She knew she wasn’t alone, there were plenty of other women who also had the “broken down woman blues.” Today, on International Women’s Day, I am reflecting on how far we’ve come in the past 22 years, and recognize we still have a long way to go. Looking through some old writing the other night I ran across this poem and felt it fitting to share on International Women’s Day.

We come together as sisters, the women of the Broken Down Woman Blues. We’ve come to feel that no man will ever save us, that we can only rely on ourselves. We come from abusive relationships, we carry a lot of painful weight as we struggle to find ourselves in a man’s world.

And for some of us, we come together as sisters united by the struggle for our own rights as women, our own empowerment, the idea women still don’t have equality. When we stand up and we keep getting pushed down, we sometimes break down.

Women around the world know this truth… Continue reading

Daily Affirmations: My Inner Critic Serves No Purpose

I know most days I am my own worst critic, finding fault with my work and doubting its viability in the world. We all face these doubts and insecurities, some of us more than others. The creative soul particularly struggles with these issues when their work is their art, no matter what form that art may be. The author painstakingly works and then reworks a simple phrase repeatedly, looking for the perfect words to describe a feeling or scene. The singer struggles with hitting the right note. The dancer pushes herself to extremes to reach a certain height as she leaps. But this is not simply the plight of the artist, as I notes, we all face these doubts and insecurities. We are all our own worst critic.

Today, I re-mind myself that my inner critic serves no purpose but to stand in my way. I open the door and give my inner critic permission to leave. I affirm to myself, that my work, my creative vision is viable and worthy. Each my inner critic sneaks back through my closed-door, I will send it packing. My inner critic serves no purpose. There is no room on my path for the inner critic.

maudslay trailPhoto: Trail at Maudslay State Park ~ c. Pamela J. Leavey