Ansel Adams: Visionary

anseladamsAnsel Adams was an only child, born to old parents in San Francisco on February 20, 1902. He was the only child of businessman Charles Hitchcock Adams and Olive Bray, and the grandson of a timber baron. Adams’ family home was in located in the coastal Golden Gate area of San Francisco. It was there that Adams developed an early appreciation for nature.

He was a shy child, possibly dyslexic, and subsequently he did not do well in school. He was ultimately home schooled, which led to solitary time spent walking along the still undeveloped and wild coastline. At twelve years old Ansel Adams learned piano on his own, and went on to pursue piano as his career. However, in 1916 Adams first visited Yosemite, which changed his passion from piano to photography. It was there in Yosemite that he would take up the camera, a Kodak No. 1 Box Brownie, which was a gift from his parents. Ansel Adams would ultimately spend quite a bit of time yearly at Yosemite, until he passed away on April 22, 1984.

Adams joined the Sierra Club in 1919 and subsequently spent the next “four summers in Yosemite Valley, as “keeper” of the club’s LeConte Memorial Lodge.”[1] This would prove to be quite opportune for Adams, as he became friends with many of the leaders of the Sierra Club and became involved with the early conservation movement. It was here at Yosemite that Adams would also meet his wife, Virginia Best. Adams involvement with the Sierra Club was pivotal to his early career as a photographer, with publication of his both his writings and photographs in their 1922 Bulletin and then a “his first one man exhibition in 1928 at the club’s San Francisco headquarters.”[2] Adams began to see the potential to make a modest living as a photographer through his continued involvement with the Sierra Club. Continue reading

Be Just Woman

Decades ago when I started my personal foray into women’s studies, the field was still quite new. A feminist at heart, I was raised by a mother who also felt the tug of women’s rights strongly, as she came of age in the time of the early women’s rights movement in America. It is fear that causes men to still thwart women’s rights. It is fear that keeps some women from speaking up and claiming their own. Yet, we women are strong, powerful, “brilliant beings,” and many still long for the rights of simply be themselves.

The Temple of Five by Lisa Marquis BradburyBe Just Woman

In the brilliance
Of my madness,
Only then can I see
The sadness,
That walks,
And talks
In a million
Brilliant beings.
I see it on the corner,
In every face
Of every woman,
In the shops,
On the bus,
Every one,
They are all us.
We have long to speak
Our voice,
To tell our feelings,
Be just women.
We have long to walk
Our walk,
To talk
Our talk,
Be just women.
We are mothers
To our children,
Fierce and docile
Both by nature.
We are friends
To our sisters,
And lovers,
To our men.
We are feminists,
Who want to be
Honored and revered,
But instead
In our passing,
We are often not loved,
Only feared.
© Pamela Leavey
Temple of the Five by Lisa Marquis Bradbury ©

I Will Not Sell My Soul

My journey on the path of feminism, the goddess and women studies started decades ago. Poetry has often been an outlet of expression for me, since I was a child. The following is a piece from my journals expressing my thoughts on the divine feminine and my rights as a woman to be free

DivinefeminineLMBI will not sell my soul
To the Devil
As a woman
I am not free
To be me;
I will fight for my honor,
The freedom
To be me.
I will not hide who I am,
Change my dress,
Or my ways;
I am woman,
I was born free,
To be me.
I will not watch what I say,
How I speak,
Or to whom;
I will fight for my honor,
The freedom
To be me.
I will not inhibit my sensual self,
Squelch my desires,
Deny my lusts;
I am woman,
I was born free,
To be me.
Hear me now
You who be that devil,
Who wants to take
Hold of me;
I am woman,
I was born free,
To be me.

Poetry: I Will Not Sell My Soul ~ © Pamela Leavey

Art: Divine Feminine by Lisa Marquis-Bradbury ©

Quote of the Day: Julia Cameron

The creative soul creates from the heart. Always… The greatest gift for the creative soul is the presence of a muse… That which inspires is love.

“I recognize that art begins in the heart. I love my creative nature and I love expressing it. I create as an act of love and connection. I allow the Universe to dream through me, to create through me.” – Julia CameronHeart Steps: Prayers and Declarations for a Creative Life

white and red tulip

I remind myself this day and every day… I am abundant, I have love.

Namaste… Pamela

Artist Chooses Clean Design for Website

I recently completed a website for Amesbury artist Luke Lepore:

Luke Lepore

Luke Lepore

Luke was looking for a clean, simple design for his website. He wanted something that would not distract visitors to the website from his paintings. In the world of digital communication, images speak as loudly as words. Luke’s fabulous art work speaks for itself.

I setup Luke’s website with WordPress and I used the WordPress template Gridsby to create the layout. Gridsby is a great theme that is very flexible, highly responsive and has many built-in options for fonts and colors.

It was a pleasure working with Luke on his website. Contact me here about creating you new website!