Quote of Day: The Dalai Lama

I recently had my trust and warm-heartedness taken advantage of by an old friend who did not understand these concepts… This speaks to me. Despite what I went through my warm-heartedness has not faltered…

We live in a materialistic world that pays insufficient attention to human values. We seek satisfaction in material things instead of warm-heartedness. But human beings are social animals. We need friendship and that depends on trust. Building trust requires concern for others and defending their rights, not doing them harm. Friendship is directly linked to warm-heartedness, which is also good for our physical health. ~ His Holiness The Dalai Lama



Quote of the Day: Dalai Lama

Just as heat dispels cold, loving-kindness counters anger. We need to learn how to counter our various emotions. Distraction is just a temporary measure. The longer lasting remedy is to be able to see positive qualities in something or someone you otherwise see as negative. Since there is rarely any justification for destructive emotions, we need to become aware of what gives rise to them and what the antidotes are. – Dalai Lama


Daily Affirmations: The Basic Sources of Happiness

Salt Pannes at the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge

Salt Pannes at the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge

Today I affirm the words of His Holiness, The Dalai Lama, “The basic sources of happiness are a good heart, compassion and love.” As I go through my day, I re-mind myself to greet each person I meet with joy in my heart and hold them each in the highest esteem.

Namaste… Pamela

Daily Affirmations: Contentment

“From the very core of our being we desire contentment. For harmony each individual’s identity must be respected.” – The Dalai Lama

Peonies and Flox at Maudslay

Peonies and Flox at Maudslay

Today, I re-mind myself that my contentment is not contingent on others in my life and the world. And, I reaffirm my commitment to acceptance of all people who touch my life.

Namaste… Pamela