Musings: Stone Walls

There are troubles, that brew in my heart and mind, which are weightier than the stones stacked precariously upon each other forming centuries old walls across the landscape. I question the existence of my troubles as I question where did these stone walls come from?

stone wall

Who moved these stones from place to place to build these walls that block my path? Who took these stones from the earth and stacked them just so, creating boundaries where once there were none.

I am a woman with few boundaries, except when it comes to my heart, which I shield with stone walls, keeping love a bay. This is my truth, though I rarely speak it.  Continue reading

Daily Affirmations: Limitless Opportunities In My Life

Today, I re-mind myself of the limitless opportunities in my life. Indeed, my life is rich. I acknowledge that I have boundless love and light all around me, and I am filled up to the brim and beyond, with joy and happiness. My choice is to make this day a day filled with love and happiness. My choice is see the abundance all around me and focus on the positive aspects of my life which are all worthy of gratitude. And so it is… Intent makes manifest. Gratitude matters.


Namaste… Pamela

Daily Affirmations: Practicing Humility

In the day to day interactions we have with other people, it is so important to remain humble. Today, I remind myself that humility does not mean I think of myself as a lesser person, it means I think I am no better than anyone else. In practicing humility, I find myself open to a greater capacity for acceptance and compassion for others. This in turn opens my heart and mind to a more loving state in which I am better able to understands the needs of my loved ones. And so it is that today I remind myself that to go forth with a humble frame of mind is to be open to see others as equal. Intent makes manifest.


Namaste… Pamela

Musings: All That Glitters

All that glitters, sparkles before my eyes as I sit each day at my desk watching the Merrimack River in its constant state of passage. I am like a passenger, perpetually voyaging along the river, though the motion runs afore my eyes, it too runs through me.

There are rivulets that run within the mighty river that races downstream giving visage to a fluid landscape that flows to the ocean and then turns abruptly with the tides and flows back upstream again. How can that be, you might ask. How can a river run upstream? A river at the mouth of the ocean or sea is affected by the tides. As the tide turns on coastline, so too turns the water in the river until it reaches a certain point where the tide can no long flow against the force of the river’s natural downstream direction. There is always, always flow. Like life. Continue reading

Daily Affirmations: Life’s Path is Always Changing

Today, I re-mind myself that life’s path is always changing and new opportunities constantly appear on the horizon. hellcat swamp trail
While choosing the path of least resistance might seem to be the best way to go, it certainly does not bring challenges with it, in most cases, and so there is less opportunity to learn and grow. One of the greatest aspects of life is the constant opportunities that come our way teaching us to see things in a new light and appreciate things from a different perspective. I am grateful for the new paths that appear on my life’s journey. I welcome the opportunity to learn, today and everyday. I start this day with gratitude for all there is and set my intent on embracing change. And so it is… Intent makes manifest.

Namaste… Pamela

Daily Affirmations: All Is As It Should Be

Today, I re-mind myself that all is as it should be. That is not to say that change may be necessary in my life, or that there is no room for improvement in certain areas or aspects of life, that is simply to say, in this moment, all is as it should be. Life is fluid, always changing like the water that flows in a river or stream, it constantly in motion, even when we are at rest. And, as I am the star of my own life, I am confident that the forces of the Universe are working constantly on my behalf to direct my path in life, as I endeavor to accept that all is as it should be and go with the flow. And so it is… Intent makes manifest.


Namaste… Pamela