Food For Thought: Life is a Series of Roads

Today, I am re-minded that Life is a series of roads. Just when you feel that you have traveled a road far enough, a new and more interesting road appears on the horizon. In this ever changing series of roads that we travel upon in life there are no road maps, it is up to each of us to make choices as to which direction we will head in. The road to least participation takes us no where. If we don’t show up in our own lives living fully and responsibly, we stay stuck destined to take the same road over and over again until we learn it simply is okay to ask for directions when we are unsure of way ahead. The easy way out is far to often the most complicated of all directions in which to head. Pay attention to the signs, and listen to the clues. You know the way is in your heart. To be empowered… Listen.


Namaste… Pamela

Daily Affirmations: To Be Empowered

To be empowered, I affirm with gratitude in my heart for all that there is in my life. My life is rich with the love of my dearest family members and friends. My life is rich with the opportunities and abundance that I make for myself and that present themselves to me via the Universe. I celebrate with joy these things, and understand the flow of the cycles of all that there is, for it is like the river constantly changing. Today is a good day. I claim it as such. And so it is…

sunset at point shore

Namaste… Pamela

Food For Thought: Moment to Moment

I like to think that life is a grand adventure, for we have opportunities all the time, to make the ordinary moments in our lives extraordinary. Much of what occurs in our lives and how we react to it is based on our finite view of each moment in the now as it occurs.

light on the river

This is not to say there are times when we cannot take ourselves out of tough circumstances, this is to say, we can put more reverence into the ordinary moments and find the grace of adventure in a simple trip to the grocery store. Continue reading