Food For Thought: Patience

Patience has never been one of my virtues…

grapevineatmaudslayHowever, the older I get the better I am at mastering the fine art of patience. When you “do something else in the meantime,” you invariably fill your time with something else that takes your mind off of whatever you are waiting for. And sometimes, you just need to, “Get out there and make it happen.”

Idle waiting can become a playground for impatience and anxiety. Take a walk, turn on some music, do something meaningful… Soon you’ll find you have mastered patience.


Be In The Moment

This quote from Pema Chodron is the perfect reminder of the importance of being in the moment…


To be in the moment takes practice and it involves freeing the mind from concerns and worries that bog us down and prevent us from fully appreciating the moment we are in.

When we are in the moment, we can learn many great lessons as Pema Chodron alludes.

Namaste… Pamela