Reflections on now…

I find myself now in a place forced to stay some what less mobile (an understatement), than this fiercely independent woman is accustomed to enduring. My bottom line has always been, I just don’t stay down well. I’ve always had to do for myself in life, and my daughter, as I raised her alone. So what to do now that I am in this forced state of limited mobility?

The universe sometimes gives us a shove when a gentle push doesn’t work anymore… I’ve now been gifted with the time to clean up some serious procrastinations that have been hanging up my life.

That’s the blessing… If there is one to be seen in this mess…

First, I am taking some time and heeding the message that sometimes when the going gets tough, the tough do need to slow down and take some time to heal.

(Photo: Reflection Through the Trees at Hellcat Swamp ~ c. Pamela J. Leavey 2012)

On The River: Reflections

It’s a beautiful day here on the river…

As I sit here at my desk, to my left I see the river sparkling with a fervent, intensely brilliant reflection of the sun. Not a cloud in the sky, with my desk facing south, the sun sits at 11:23 outside of my window.

To the right of my desk, outside of the bay window in which my desk sits, I watch as the ice floes float down stream, creating ever changing patterns.

Housebound as I am for a few more days, I am re-minded every day how blessed I am to live here on the river with my slivers of river views that constantly fill my heart and soul with love and gratitude.

The mighty Merrimack River is rooted in my body, mind and soul. As a small child I grew up along the river in West Newbury. At eleven, we moved to Newburyport and short walk to the Chain Bridge area.

It was one year after moving back to this area (a little over 3 years ago) when I realized that more than anything in this breathtakingly beautiful estuary, abundant in Mother Nature’s gifts, it was the river that most spoke to me.

She lifts me up, she carries me in her bouyant arms, like the mother and she lets my heart and soul float in her love.

(Photo: Winter On The Merrimack River ~~ c. Pamela J. Leavey 2012)

On The River: Bird In A Tree

Trees in winter, stripped bare of their foliage often offer a view worthy of the interpretation of an artist’s eye:

While driving along the river the other day with my hiking partner, I noticed this Bird In A Tree.

As I continue to work through my photos and edit them, I plan to create an album of Mother Nature’s Art Work as exhibited in the bare trees.

(Photo: Bird In A Tree ~~ c. Pamela J. Leavey 2012)

I Am So In Love

My heart beats wildly

In the arms of Mother Nature…

And I could dance with abandon

Like the bare trees in winter…

I am so in love

With the Great Mother Goddess…

(Dancing Tree Woman ~ c. Pamela J. Leavey 2012)