Plum Island Washes Out to Sea

There’s a natural flow of tides that causes erosion on all beaches. Add to that storms and other natural effects and the landscape of a beach is constantly changing. I can remember as a child camping on Sandy Point on Plum Island (Newburyport, MA) and claiming a rock as my own. Much to my chagrin my rock was no where to be founf the following summer when my family set up camp on the Point for the summer.

While I was down in Newburyport last weekend I drove down to Plum Island because I had heard there had been problems there with homes built on the water front being at risk. The photo below is of the jetty at the Center Beach on Plum Island:


North Shore Magazine has an article about the situation on Plum Island: Last Days of Plum Island?

The romance and tranquility of Plum Island has lured homeowners to its long stretch of open shores for decades. But could the natural forces that spawned an entire community now threaten its very existence?

I’ve always been an ocean person, which is part of the reason I moved from Los Angeles, after nearly years there, back to the East Coast, to Eastport, Maine. Continue reading

The World at Night

One of the things I love about living here in Eastport, Maine is the ability to see the stars better at night. With wide open skies and no cities around for miles upon miles, the night skies are something to behold. has a wonderful photo-log online titled: “Top 10 images of the world at night.” As a photography buff, I highly recommend checking it out.