Daily Affirmations: The Power of Clear Intent

Today, I re-mind myself to look closely at my goals and desires and make certain that they are clear. I understand that in setting goals, it is important to understand that typically it takes time for our goals and desires to come to fruition, for these are things that we must work at, rather than sit back and expect them to come to us. And so today, I also set space for the practice of patience, for I know that patience is required to see these things through. With clear intent, I open myself to the divine possibilities that flow from the Universe, for it is in those divine possibilities that my goals and desires can manifest. Open mind, open heart, receptive to the energies of the Universe that make all things possible. And so it is… Intent makes Manifest.

pale yellow daffs

Blessed Be… Pamela

Daily Affirmations: Little Miracles

Everyday little miracles occur in our lives that sometimes go unnoticed. Today, I re-mind myself to savor the moment, and be aware of the things happening around me so that I may see those little miracles for what they are and express my gratitude as they happen.

I stay receptive and open to see the miracle in the smallest symbols of joy to lift my spirits, or hear the words of support when times of tough. These are each little miracles in their own way. I understand that to be miracle minded is to allow myself to be in the moment and widen my perspective to see miracles for what they are.

I know that the Universe is always working on my behalf, answering my prayers, hearing my call. I am open to receive and grateful for all of the good that comes my way. I set my intent today, and every day, to be open and willing to receive and also to be gracious and willing to give. In this I use my intent to work for the higher good in my own life and the lives of others. And so it is… Intent makes manifest.

yellow warbler

Namaste… Pamela

Daily Affirmations: Open the Gate

Sometimes we block ourselves off, we put up walls and close gates to keep others out of our lives. These are all defense mechanisms we devise to protect ourselves from hurt and pain. It is not even that we do these things consciously most of the time. Typically it is a habit, hard-formed that we find so hard to break. Even those of us with an open heart can still harbor fears, that we wear like battle scars. The walls, the locked gates, these are shields. We’ve done battle, we’ve had a our hearts handed to us time and time again when all we’ve wanted is love. Today, I re-mind myself that it is okay to open the gate and let love in.

keep out gate

Namaste… Pamela

Daily Affirmations: In The Now

I believe in the power of Now. I believe that to be in the moment is potent form of surrender to the Universe in which I allow myself to be open to receive everything that is happening as it is meant to be. I am not here to change the course, I am here to be led by the divine intervention of the Universe.

This is not to say that I do not have a choice in where I want to go in my life and how I get there. This is meant to say that I surrender to the moment, and accept that there are some things in life that I can not change.

And so it is, that I will be in the Now today. I set my intent on the things I desire to change and make happen in my life and I surrender the outcome to the moment.

Today, I affirm that I will focus on the moment and not the past or the future. Today, I affirm that I will go with the flow and lovingly accept each experience life brings me.In this way I am free to experience with joy and an open heart, all that comes my way. In this way, I let my intent become manifest in my surrender to the Now. And so it is… Intent makes manifest.

Maudslay Trail 2

Namaste… Pamela

Daily Affirmations: Take Time For Myself

Today, I affirm that I must stop every now and then, and take time for myself. One person can only do so much, and I must remember that I am one person. I load my plate typically with so many tasks that I am inundated some days with work related obligations that keep me going from the time I arise until the time I settle into bed for the night. Today, I will pause long enough to appreciate the beauty in nature that surrounds me and pamper my heart and soul, even if it is only for a few short moments. Today, I will set my intent to looking at better use of my time and finding ways to take time for myself. I am only one person, and I far to often stretch my limits. Today, I will set my intent to be easy with myself and enjoy the moments of the day, which bring me happiness, joy and a sense of relaxation, even if for the briefest of moments. As so it is… Intent makes manifest.

Great White Egret at Parker River National Wildlife Refuge

Namaste… Pamela