Fine Art Photography Show in Amesbury: Reflections on the River

The Blue Wave Art Gallery and Ovedia in Amesbury, Massachusetts are both featuring my fine art photography in a “reflections” themed body of small works focused on a series of work from summer 2016.

Blue Wave Art Gallery offers a range of cultural events in the North Shore region bringing forward new ideas in art, music and innovation to the town of Amesbury.  Blue Wave proudly exhibits the works of both established and emerging artists, and the gallery space provides a live stage for local musicians. And, finally, we hold art classes and lectures on a regular, monthly basis. Please email Gallery Director, Asia Scudder to purchase any of the works displayed below. 

Ovedia is a lovely chocolaterie and espresso bar located in the heart of historic Amesbury, just around the corner from the Blue Wave Art Gallery.

Reflections on the River captures the timeless essence of the history of wooden boat building in Amesbury, Massachusetts and intersects that history with views of reflections caught in the motion of the waters of the Merrimack River. Continue reading

Musings: At the Water’s Edge

low tide sandy pointMusings on a late summer’s day from my journal…

The tidal waters converged around the sandbar creating a rippling wave that crisscrossed and danced diagonally on the shore. The blue ocean water sparkled in the large tidal basin evoking the vision of a large sapphire sitting in the sun.

As I waded in the warm tidal pool I looked down to see a school of minnows swirling about my feet and my ankles. I imagined that they tickled my flesh as they swam by so swiftly in the sun-warmed water.

What a blessing to have this perfect last beach day soaking up the sun and lolling in the water that was near warm enough to be in the tub. Life was teeming at the water’s edge, from the minnows and hermit crabs to the sanderlings and piping plovers and of course, the large shore birds, the gulls of the Atlantic shore. Soon the cooler fall air would shift into play and the warmer weather birds would migrate.

The vast swarms of swallows had left the refuge just a few days ago. The purple martins were also gone. The songbirds had long moved on. Summer was winding down. The green marshes had been showing a hint of fall color for a few weeks, but suddenly there was a riot of color exploding in bursts across the landscape.

Food For Thought: In The Moment

Food for thought… It is all about being in the moment because everything changes like the tides…

“The fundamental understanding of oneself does not come through knowledge or through the accumulation of experiences, which is merely the cultivation of memory. The understanding of oneself is from moment to moment; if we merely accumulate knowledge of the self, that very knowledge prevents further understanding, because accumulated knowledge and experience become the center through which thought focuses and has its being.” J Krishnamurti ~ The Book of Life

Sandy Point ~ c. Pamela J. Leavey 2014

Sandy Point ~ c. Pamela J. Leavey 2014


Food For Thought: Everything Is Possible

A Summer Day on the Salt Pannes~ c. Pamela J. Leavey 2014

A Summer Day on the Salt Pannes~ c. Pamela J. Leavey 2014

Today, I re-mind myself that the everything is possible and all is attainable. What I seek is within and all around me. I make choices. I choose to be happy and I choose to be sad. I choose to live in bliss or I choose to live in frustration. My intent is innate and as powerful as the nature all around me. Gratitude guides me from moment to moment, filling me up and empowering me to be all that I am capable of in the most positive ways.

Food For Thought: Lessons Learned

It is ever so important to re-mind ourselves of lessons learned in the past. With conditioning, over time, we may tend to fall into a pattern in our lives that creates the need to re-focus our attention on simple but powerful lessons that keep us in the now. Our intent plays a big part in everything we do and everything we create…

Staying positive is tantamount to success. When I find myself slipping out of the positive, I stop, breathe, realign my thinking and re-mind myself to re-focus my energy on the higher good.

Reflection ~ c. Pamela J. Leavey 2014

Reflection ~ c. Pamela J. Leavey 2014



They were two friends who had known each other for four years and yet they were proverbial strangers. On the final day of summer, they prepared to ride out together on his highly polished black and chrome Harley Davidson towards the verdant coast of Cape Ann, to the port of Gloucester, Massachusetts. There were billowy cumulus clouds in the sky but still, the sun was shining fiercely. Even with the indulgent end of summer wind that bore the perception of fall in its flurries, it was the epitome of the perfect day for riding. She swung her right leg up over the seat, positioned her left foot on the foot peg and slid onto the back of his bike. Once positioned comfortably on the back seat of the rumbling Harley, he instinctively took his cue that she was ready to roll and they roared off in search of some succor for their solitary souls.

As they rode along the winding road to Gloucester, the lush green landscape showed an indication of the ambiance of fall colors to arise as the temperatures shifted with the season. Yes, the day was already holding the promise of fulfillment. Both of them appeared to be drinking in the scenery as though it were a snifter of fine cognac, the taste of which rolled onto their taste buds, washed down their throats and warmed their souls. Over the thunderous roar of the Harley engine, they conversed intermittently of the splendor of the diverse terrain where they dwelt. Continue reading