Daily Affirmations: The Natural World

Nature is always my go to place to clear my heart and and mind, bolster my spirit and affirm my connection in the world…


“I cherish the natural world. I see it in the wisdom of God’s unfolding. I surrender my resistance to unfolding fully and beautifully. I embrace the mysteries of my own evolution. I invite my divine nature to expand and nurture myself and others.” – Julia Cameron: Heart Steps

Who Is Your Audience?

Writing copy for a website is like writing a paper for college, you always need to be cognizant of who your audience is. If you are marketing to a mixed demographic that might range in age from 18 to 80, it is important to remember that your tone and wording set the stage for how people view you online. Written communication is a powerful tool. If you set the wrong tone you fail to engage and will draw either criticism or disinterest.

Last night, I was comparing the issues statements and websites of two local politicians running for state office. I was struck by the word “my crystal ball leans” prefacing an important issue. Voters don’t want to know a candidate’s supposition, they want to know his platform on an issue and what that candidate will do to make changes. We can all make “crystal ball” predictions, but typically when voters go to the voting booth, they tend to vote for the candidate who has ideas, not predictions.

Communication is a powerful tool. If you set the wrong tone, you leave yourself open for a realm of misinterpretation. This applies in politics and business.

Just my two cents…