Daily Affirmations: I Am Abundant

The struggle to stay afloat financially has been a constant many times during my life. I re-mind myself when financial worry prevails, that the riches of the soul far out weigh the riches of the pocket. Like so many things in life, positive thinking and intent bring forth what we need. I re-mind myself daily, I am abundant, I have money. I am abundant, I have love. And so it is… Namaste ~ Pamela

snowy egret with fish

From My Journal: The Tender and Solitary Heart

From My Journal…

The tender and solitary heart follows the glittering light that reflects like diamonds on the water’s surface. That light is a beacon that must shine true. Yet, when it is flutters and fizzles out in the dusk, it leaves the tender and solitary heart feeling blue.
sparkling water egret The tender and solitary heart feels deeper than deepest sea. The tender and solitary heart breaks alone and then endeavors to pick up the pieces, scattering those fragile broken shards of love and pain into the winds. Relationships are fragile points of light on the horizon for the tender and solitary heart. One moment reflecting the greatest joy, the next broken in two. It is in the arms of nature that the tender and solitary heart find solace.

Namaste… Pamela

Food For Thought: Fear is a Cry for Love

Today, I say a silent prayer for those who are compelled by fear. I recognize that fear is a cry for love. I understand that an emotional or physical attack is a cry for love. I open my arms and heart to those who are afraid to love. I practice compassion, acceptance and understanding and pray that all fear will one day be replaced with love in the hearts and minds of all sentient beings. ~ Namaste… Pamela

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Daily Affirmations: To Be Empowered

To Be Empowered, I work to make these statements a part of my daily practice: I find the strength and courage to speak up for myself. I am determined to remain strong and confident in the face of adversity. I endeavor to not let others deter my path. I acknowledge that my life is on the path that I choose, and that path is the right path for me. ~ Namaste… Pamela