Daily Affirmations: Be Gentle With Ourselves

Some days we all feel like we are stuck high in the sky, looking about not certain which direction to fly off too. That is okay. Those times are the times that we must be gentle with ourselves and maybe just take a little time to roost right where we are and simply be. When we sink back into the still of the moment and allow ourselves to be, we give ourselves the gift of gentle self-love. Today, I affirm to myself that it is okay to be gentle with myself. Perhaps tomorrow I will fly. And so it is…


Namaste… Pamela

Daily Affirmations: All That I Am

Today, I honor the place in me that knows who I am. I am filled with a warm sense of comfort by honoring all that I am. I thank the Spirit that moves through me and brings my creations into fruition. I go forth on this day, knowing that I will do my best, in all that I do. And so it is…


Namaste… Pamela

Daily Affirmations: Relationships are Assignments

Today, I remind myself that all relationships are assignments. Whether I learn the hardest lesson on this day, or I am gifted with a lesson that brings me joy; today, I thank the Creator for allowing me to participate in this learning experience. Every relationship is an opportunity to learn and grow. Every relationship bears the gift of communion and communication with others. Every relationship presents me with the opportunity to proactively practice acceptance, compassion and understanding. I am grateful for the learning that each relationship, no matter how brief or how long, brings to my life. And so it is…


Namaste… Pamela

Musings: The Path Less Traveled

hellcat dikeThe dike trail at Hellcat Swamp in the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge was opened for a week not long ago. As I walked the trail on the outer western edge of the Refuge, along the banks of the Plum Island River, I could feel the sun so warm and comforting on my back.

There was a special sense of peace felt there walking in this space that see when ever I make a trip to the Refuge.. I asked so often as I stop at Northpool Overlook, “what is out there?” Continue reading

Quote of the Day: Wendell Berry

I thank the Great Mother Goddess every day for this Earth and the profound connection that I feel to this Earth and the Mother. Today’s Quote of the Day is a favorite from the prolific fiction and non-fiction author, Wendell Berry. His nature writing speaks of my own thoughts and senses on nature:


The Earth sustains us. Please treat her with care.

Namaste… Pamela