Good Morning From The River


Yesterday morning as I sat at my desk, drinking my coffee and looking out on the Merrimack River, I welcomed the day with this post on my Facebook wall:

As I glance out across the street and to the river’s edge I see a line of ice forming on both sides of the river. And there, on the edge of the line of ice, floats a long line of Canada Geese. From my window they look content in the bright morning sun.

For writers, hearing that our words resonate with readers means the world to us. My Facebook friend Russ Hannah, had this response to my Good Morning From The River post, “What a painter of words.” Nature writing is one of the genres I am working in lately, so to hear that I had painted a picture Russ could see, verified I am on the right track. 

Every day my view of the River gives me strength and inspiration. Whether I am looking out my window watching the River flow downstream, or upstream (because it is tidal where I live), or walking or driving in my car, the River is the greatest source of good I have each day.

My goal for 2016 is to publish more nature writing here on my blog. I look forward to readers’ responses to my work.

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