Musings: Lapis

From my Nature Writing journal…

The lapis blue water of the Merrimack River flowed towards the ocean in gentle ripples. I could hear the soft lapping sound of the water on the river’s beach. The tide was still heading out towards the mouth of the river, but the current had slowed to a gentle tug. The sun reflected golden ridges on the ripples of the lapis water.

Was the water ever still, I wondered to myself? I knew the answer… Never. Even when it looks to be not moving, simply static and still, there is an undercurrent flowing with the tides. By nature water moves, always.

Lapis Water - Merrimack River

The river is constantly moving, shifting, running, rippling, cresting, curling, ever-changing, as am I. I feel the pull of the tides as the river flows by me each day. I feel myself as one with this powerful lapis river that is in my blood from birth. I am the river, I think to myself sometimes. I am the precious lapis water flowing through the veins of the Earth.

It is from the river that I was born, it is through the river that I move throughout my life, for this sublime, strong body of lapis water holds me up when I am weak, gives me solace when I need comfort and fuels my heart with the greatest of inspiration.

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