Reflections on Thoreau’s Walking

Thoreau speaks of walking in nature as a “sort of crusade,” a pilgrimage of sorts, in search of all that is holy in the midst of nature. (Thoreau p.72) In fact, Thoreau calls walking a noble art, one that is not unlike the Knights of old. (Thoreau p. 73) On this, I cannot disagree for I feel my walks in nature take on a higher order in my life and connect me to all of my senses at once and without a doubt to a higher order within the universe.

It is in walking in the afternoon Thoreau says that, he would “fain forget all my morning occupations and my obligations to society.” (Thoreau p. 78) In fact, if the thought of things other than nature invade his time walking, he would find himself returned to his senses through nature, recognizing he has no business walking in the woods, if he is “thinking of something out of woods.” (Thoreau p. 79) For it is the “subtle magnetism in Nature, which, if we unconsciously yield to it,” that “will direct us aright.” (Thoreau p. 85) Yes, I can concur for when I walk I find the ills of my life are lessen, the pains in my heart are healed, and my senses are awaken by the smallest gift of nature that speaks to me as I stroll through nature’s woods and pastures.

Moreover, in the midst of Thoreau’s exhalations of the restorative power of nature on our psyche, he takes time to remind us of our duty to preserve nature, for “all good things are wild and free.” (Thoreau p. 107) Without nature, the question begs, what place does man have in the world. Thoreau implores us to preserve nature and to respect nature. Thoreau draws the parallel of walking in nature as a spiritual connection to the world in which we live, a connection that is vital to our very lives.

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Daily Affirmations: I Am Awesome

Today, I re-mind myself that to be empowered, I must be willing to see that I have something worthy and awesome to offer to the world. My true strength comes from within, I must lift myself up so that others can see the light that shines within me. The truth is we each have a light that shines within. Today, I am willing to make my self-empowerment my guiding force of the day. I recognize that happiness is my choice and I share that happiness with those around me. I recognize that in choosing to see myself as an Awesome Being in the world, I am lifting myself up, empowering myself to be all I can be and inspiring others to do the same. And so it is. Intent Makes Manifest… I Am Awesome.


Namaste… Pamela

Daily Affirmations: I Am Awesome

Today, I will practice the “I Am Awesome” principle. Each time I am asked how I am, I will reply, “I Am Awesome!” With each reply, I will feel the contagion of being Awesome grow with in my heart and mind for intent makes manifest. With each opportunity I have to respond to the question, “How are you,” I have the opportunity to share the “I Am Awesome” principle, so that others may feel the contagion as well. Awesome is a state of mind, it is a choice, like happiness.

When I choose to be Awesome, I choose to be more than happy, I choose to be empowered by my own will. When I choose to be awesome, I choose to see things through wonder, amazement and I choose to make self-confidence a guiding essence of my life, because I understand the power of intent. The question begs the answer, “Why would I choose to be anything less than Awesome, each and every day?” That I choose to be Awesome, makes it so. And so it is… Intent makes manifest.

egret posing

Namaste… Pamela

Daily Affirmations: Soar to Greater Heights

The day breaks and I rise with anticipation of what the day will bring. Today, I re-mind myself that I am strong and I am capable of achieving everything that I set my mind to. Yes, sometimes the odds seem insurmountable. Yes, some days are easier than others. But still, as I rise each day, I feel my inner strength gather and I move with that inner strength, in confidence that I might soar to greater heights.  Each new day is an opportunity to rise above the problems in my life. Each new days is an opportunity to forge a new direction. Each new day is my chance to make a difference in the world and so I face the day asking the Universe, “what would you have me do this day, that I might make a difference?” My intent today is to rise above whatever keeps me down. My intent today is to soar to greater heights. And so it is… Intent makes manifest.

immature red-tailed hawk

Namaste… Pamela

Daily Affirmations: Remain Open

Sometimes we find ourselves in situations where things or people are closed off to us. The response to that should never be a like reaction, to close ourselves off as well. A closed heart and a closed mind serve no one. Today, I re-mind myself that I can keep an open mind and an open heart, despite the actions of others. My mission is to accept and embrace people and things for who and what they are. I cannot change something or someone else. Sometimes I can lead things in a different or better direction, but change comes from within. Today, I make certain that I have no barriers, no “keep out” signs clouding my heart and mind. And so it is. Intent makes manifest.

Merrimack River Amesbury, MA Photo: Pamela Leavey

Namaste… Pamela

Daily Affirmations: Daily Walk Of Life

Today, I re-mind myself that in my daily walk of life, I am free to choose my own path and follow the direction of my own heart. The path may not always be easy, but leads me to some of the greatest lessons, lessons I may not have learned if I had not diverged from the beaten path and followed, the road less traveled. We’re all here to follow our own path and learn our own lessons. Our teachers are many and varied. We learn best when our heart and mind is open and willing to receive. We learn best when we let our open heart and open mind lead us down the divergent path to our own truth. It is our intent that makes manifest the path of our highest calling. And so it is… Intent makes manifest on this daily walk of life.Hellcat Swamp - Parker River National Wildlife Refuge

Namaste… Pamela