Musings: The Golden Light Shining Through the Trees

Today as the rain falls outside my desk window, I think of the beautiful golden sunlight often seen shining through the trees when walking in the woods.

Light Through the Trees Shackford Head in Eastport, ME

This is the light of redemption and renewal. This is the light that draws us into our center, our core, and reflects back through us when we are open to the beauty that surrounds us and is within us. This is the force that feeds us, body and soul. This is the forces that fills our psyche with unlimited love.

I am drawn to that light as I am drawn to nature, in search of myself, in search of inner peace and comfort, in search of a way to share my voice through the wonders of the nature that envelops me. Nature is my life force. It is my great escape from the everyday worries that I face. Nature is my healing space in the arms of the Great Mother Goddess, Earth.

To walk gently upon the surface of the earth is greatest of endeavors. Here we find the truth we are looking for. The Earth, the Sun, the ocean. The trees, the rocks, the flora and the fauna are all here to teach us. Be open. Follow the golden light that shines through the trees.

Rays of Golden Light Through the Trees Shackford Head Eastport, ME

Photos: Golden Light Through the Trees 1 and 2, taken at Shackford Head in Eastport, Maine.

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