Daily Affirmations: Take Time For Myself

Today, I affirm that I must stop every now and then, and take time for myself. One person can only do so much, and I must remember that I am one person. I load my plate typically with so many tasks that I am inundated some days with work related obligations that keep me going from the time I arise until the time I settle into bed for the night. Today, I will pause long enough to appreciate the beauty in nature that surrounds me and pamper my heart and soul, even if it is only for a few short moments. Today, I will set my intent to looking at better use of my time and finding ways to take time for myself. I am only one person, and I far to often stretch my limits. Today, I will set my intent to be easy with myself and enjoy the moments of the day, which bring me happiness, joy and a sense of relaxation, even if for the briefest of moments. As so it is… Intent makes manifest.

Great White Egret at Parker River National Wildlife Refuge

Namaste… Pamela

Musings: I Am the Nature That Borders My World

snowy egretI build my understanding and reason about all things in life around the nature that borders my world. I absorb the entities of nature that are around me.

I take up sometimes for the briefest of moments, the flight of the hawk, or the hop of the rabbit. I scream like the fox, I swish like the fish flowing downstream with the tide. I peer into the pool of water and find my reflection. I am the wild creatures and the wild creatures are me.

It is in the moments of communing with nature that I am free from the commonplace stresses of the world. It is in the moments that I let my imagination run wild and soar free, with the wild creatures around me, that I am free from the stresses of the world.

I build my sanity and reason around myself with the nature that surrounds my realm. I am the eagle hunting fish in the river. I am the squirrel storing nuts for winter. I am the buds on the trees in the spring. I am the river as to flows to the ocean. I am the ocean whose waves crash on the shore. I am the nature that borders my world.


Daily Affirmations: Clear Intent and a Positive Outlook

Today, I re-mind myself that all forces of the Universe are working towards the best possible circumstance for me and my life. No matter what the situation, I know that ultimately, it will lead to good. I trust that I am held safe and protected. I know my faith in the higher power of the Universe is strong. I resolve this day and every day, to move forward with clear intent and a positive outlook. I affirm today and everyday, that I Am Awesome. I can accomplish the things I set my heart and mind to. And so it is… Intent Makes Manifest.


Namaste… Pamela


Daily Affirmations: I Am Perfect the Way I Am

To Be Empowered, I am willing to see that I can evolve and change the aspects of myself that I am not happy about. Change is always good. Aspiring to be more than I am in life is worthy goal. Each day I seek to be a better person that I was the day before. However, in my efforts to change and grow, I re-mind myself today and every day, that I am perfect the way I am. Today, I re-mind myself, I Am Awesome, and I seek to spread the message, that we are all awesome with everyone who I meet this day. The state of being Awesome is infectious in the most powerful and empowering way. My intent for this day is set. I Am Awesome. And so it is… Intent makes manifest.

immature red-tailed

Namaste… Pamela

Daily Affirmations: I Am Awesome

Today, I re-mind myself that to be empowered, I must be willing to see that I have something worthy and awesome to offer to the world. My true strength comes from within, I must lift myself up so that others can see the light that shines within me. The truth is we each have a light that shines within. Today, I am willing to make my self-empowerment my guiding force of the day. I recognize that happiness is my choice and I share that happiness with those around me. I recognize that in choosing to see myself as an Awesome Being in the world, I am lifting myself up, empowering myself to be all I can be and inspiring others to do the same. And so it is. Intent Makes Manifest… I Am Awesome.


Namaste… Pamela

Daily Affirmations: I Am Awesome

Today, I will practice the “I Am Awesome” principle. Each time I am asked how I am, I will reply, “I Am Awesome!” With each reply, I will feel the contagion of being Awesome grow with in my heart and mind for intent makes manifest. With each opportunity I have to respond to the question, “How are you,” I have the opportunity to share the “I Am Awesome” principle, so that others may feel the contagion as well. Awesome is a state of mind, it is a choice, like happiness.

When I choose to be Awesome, I choose to be more than happy, I choose to be empowered by my own will. When I choose to be awesome, I choose to see things through wonder, amazement and I choose to make self-confidence a guiding essence of my life, because I understand the power of intent. The question begs the answer, “Why would I choose to be anything less than Awesome, each and every day?” That I choose to be Awesome, makes it so. And so it is… Intent makes manifest.

egret posing

Namaste… Pamela