Food For Thought: Moving On

I had had my heart set for a few months now to move to a new apartment. I had two criteria that mattered most, after living in a downtown apartment with no yard or view. I was looking for “a place with a yard’ and “a room with a view.” Quietly, I set my intent out into the Universe and the Universe answered at exactly the right time. I’m moving on… The view and the yard are awesome. It is time for a change and I am so ready for it.

Moving is a wonderful thing because it opens the channels to new energy. The moment I stepped out of my car at my new place I felt like I was home. And I walked across the threshold of the back door, into the old mud room, I knew I was home. And then I say the view from the living room, and walked up the stairs to take in the view from the front bedroom. Ah… There’s no place like home. I had found my new home.  Continue reading

Daily Affirmations: True to Myself, True to Others

“Today, I re-mind myself that it is ever important to be honest with myself and others. I acknowledge that when I deceive others, I am deceiving myself, so in that, I strive daily to be true to myself and others. For I know that when I am true to myself, I create the space and energy to be true to others. Today, I strive to be a gentle voice of truth and reason in all circumstances and relationships. Truth subjective as it may be at times, is the cornerstone of a wise intellect and a good heart. Truth fosters compassion and acceptance, and brings about change.” – Pamela J. Leavey

cat tails loosestrife

Daily Affirmations: Redefining

Life is always changing and evolving, nothing stays the same. We are not static beings, we are human and we are capable making conscious decision about who we are and how we live our lives on a day to day basis. This Louise Hay quite a great affirmation for those times of profound change we undergo in which we redefine who we are:

“I am constantly redefining who I am and how I want to live.” – Louise L. Hay

Namaste… Pamela

salt pannes

Photo: Salt Pannes at the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge ~ c. Pamela J. Leavey

Daily Affirmations: Abundance

refuge springFinancial security and abundance for so many people is an issue that seems so difficult to achieve. I have struggled with this issue throughout much of my adult life, owning two small businesses and raising a daughter alone. The struggle and the worry of having enough to make ends meet at times seems so overwhelming that it is easy to give in to despair. But despair is not an option, because despair does not fix the problems that weight us down.

When you go through life often living as austerely as humanly possible you learn lessons if you keep an open heart and open mind. This affirmation from Louise Hay has helped me through some tough times in the past, when it seemed that there was not enough to pay the bills and put food on the table:

My income is only a channel; it is not my source. My supply comes from one source, the Universe itself, and it can never run dry. ~ Louise Hay

I have learned over the years to think in terms of abundance and to give thanks for all that I do have. This requires learning to re-think certain aspects of your life. Inner change comes from forming a different style of communication with yourself and being open to the idea that the Universe will provide. How we think about things in our lives makes a difference. Words can easily manifest into intent when repeated often. I re-mind myself daily:  “I am abundant, I have all that I need.”

Namaste… Pamela

Photo: Parker River National Wildlife Refuge ~ c. Pamela J. Leavey

Daily Affirmations: Opportunities

I have been going through a lot of changes in my life over the past couple of years, and now I find myself often questioning who I am. As the old me falls away and I am evolving, yet again, I am looking at my past for clues. I’ve missed some opportunities in my life, that I sometimes regret… Haven’t we all?

sunsetontheriver8-2_4Today I re-mind myself that everything has a time in our lives, and a missed opportunity will often rise again in another form. Life is what we make of it, each and every day. I am here to make this day matter. I am here today to grasp the opportunities that come my way and make the most of them. I am the person who can change my life.

Namaste… Pamela

Photo: Sunset on the River ~ c. Pamela J. Leavey

Daily Affirmations: Change

If you want to have a different life, you must be willing to step out on a limb to change it.

maudslay treeToday, I acknowledge the components of my life that need to change and I make the process of that change a priority in my life. I embrace the change I wish to happen in my life, I visualize my life with those changes in place. I re-mind myself that I have the courage it takes to step out on that limb and make change happen in my life.

Namaste… Pamela

Photo: Old Tree at Maudslay ~ c. Pamela J. Leavey