Daily Affirmations: Relationships are Assignments

Today, I remind myself that all relationships are assignments. Whether I learn the hardest lesson on this day, or I am gifted with a lesson that brings me joy; today, I thank the Creator for allowing me to participate in this learning experience. Every relationship is an opportunity to learn and grow. Every relationship bears the gift of communion and communication with others. Every relationship presents me with the opportunity to proactively practice acceptance, compassion and understanding. I am grateful for the learning that each relationship, no matter how brief or how long, brings to my life. And so it is…


Namaste… Pamela

Food For Thought: Apathy

I have had apathy on my mind since last night when I ran into a friend whose life has been a landslide of troubles for a few years now. Each time he tries to get his footing, another rock tumbles in his path. I understand that pattern of life very well, for I have suffered from the effects of more than a couple of landslides in my life. What always saved me was my ability to pull myself up and out of the mire of rocks and stones and refuse to feel apathetic about my life and others around me.


Apathy is a cruel emotion that masks itself in the guise of “I don’t feel sorry for myself, I don’t give a shit about anything.” But, therein is the truth, because when you “don’t give a shit,” you are indeed feeling sorry for yourself and not caring about anything is your protective guard wall that you wrap around yourself instead of a pair of loving arms. It is the apathetic person that needs friends, and keeps themselves closed off from relationships. It is the apathetic person who is welled up with grief and knows not how to express it. And thus, happiness and joy escape the apathetic person. Sometimes there is no talking to the apathetic person, they don’t want to hear about the things they can do to “fix” their lives. Staying stuck in the mire is sadly where they may want to be, though deep down inside there is often a hidden desire to be loved, for is that not what we all long for?

Namaste… Pamela


Daily Affirmations: Troubled Times

In troubled times, when questions over power reason, I re-mind myself that I must strengthen my resolve and give myself to faith. For I know and understand, that faith and love together create miracles. Today, I take the time to be gentle with myself and allow myself the time to grow my strength and my resolve with patience and compassion. I honor all that has been lost and I open space for all that will be gained in its place. For life is cyclical and I know that I can only rest in troubled times for a short time before I must take action and move forward. ~ Namaste… Pamela

salt pannes

Food For Thought: Loving the Troubled Soul


I was reminded again recently that life is short. Some of us live with the understanding that our lives are filled with lessons, some are joyful lessons and some are painful lessons. And, some of us live our lives forever chasing demons from our soul in the most self destructive of ways. Continue reading

Daily Affirmations: All That Glitters

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Today, I re-mind myself of the old saying “all that glitters is not gold.” Those glittery, shiny objects that people offer often come with strings attached and I must remember that certain people will always attach strings to their offerings because they know not how to relate to others without the offer of money or glittery gifts in the place of real love. I will not be tempted by the bartering of things to replace love and I will step back from the would-be giver and walk away, wishing the giver peace in their heart and love and compassion to replace their fear. ~ Namaste… Pamela