Daily Affirmations: Grateful

For all blessings great and small, I am grateful. For every glimpse of Mother Nature’s wonders, I am grateful. Re-minding myself each day of that which I am grateful for, keeps me in the present moment. – Pamela Leavey


Photo: Doe at the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge ~ c. Pamela J. Leavey 2013

Local News: Deer Ends Up in Newburyport Home

I read about this in today’s Newburyport Daily News, and then when I was leaving work tonight, Fox25 was filming this quick video about the story:

What’s interesting to me is how populated that area of downtown Newburyport is and how on earth a deer ended up there in the middle of the day.

Oh Deer

Among the many reasons I moved to Eastport, Maine after living in Los Angeles for nearly 19 years, was the longing to be in a more rural environment. I tired of the big city, with the traffic and the noise.

A few days ago while on my way home from the grocery store, there were about 8 deer feeding on the side of the road. After sitting in the car with my daughter, Juliet, for a while watching them, I decided to drive home to get my camera. By the time we got back the deer were on the move, scared off by a big rig passing by and a woman walking a dog.

We drove around for a bit, took a few photos of the sky, which is always colorful here and low and behold the deer returned and started making their way across the street:  


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