Food For Thought

If your life is not filled with joy, it is because you have chosen not let it in… Open the door, open your heart and let joy in. It’s that simple. Happiness is a choice. Joy is the art of living life filled with happiness. You make that happen. Money can’t buy it. No one can gift it to you. Choose to live joyously, in the moment. Today, tomorrow and every day.

(Photo: In The Garden, August 2010, © Pamela J. Leavey)

Food For Thought

I read Huxley and God quite a few years ago and have a copy in my library. Aldous Huxley has always been one of my favorite authors. Huxley and God, remains one of the most profound books I have ever read…

Peace, love, joy – these, according to St. Paul, are the three fruits of the spirit. They correspond very closely to the three essential attributes of God, as summarized in the Indian formula, sat, chit, ananda – being, knowledge, bliss. Peace is the manifestation of unified being. Love is the mode of divine knowledge. And bliss, the concomitant of perfection, is the same as joy. ~~ Aldous Huxley: Huxley and God: Essays

Food For Thought

Discrimination is a learned belief not something that is inherent:

“Spiritual discrimination, like reason itself, grows out of dialogue.”  – Sam Keen: Hymns to an Unknown God: Awakening The Spirit In Everyday Life

Sam Keen’s latest book, In the Absence of God: Dwelling in the Presence of the Sacred, is a brilliant book that is a small thought provoking feast that I would recommend to anyone with questions about the meaning of life and evolution from the religious to the spiritual.

Food For Thought

“In metaphysics as in physical science, the most beautiful and elegant explanation is the simplest.” – Sam Keen: Hymns to an Unknown God: Awakening The Spirit In Everyday Life

(Photo: Shimmering Salt Marsh, Newbury Salt Marsh, March 2011 ~ © Pamela J. Leavey)

Food For Thought

The power of words:

“Everything you say is a thought expressed. It is creative and sends forth creative energy into the universe. Words are more dynamic (thus, some might say more creative) than thought, because words are a different level of vibration from thought. They disrupt (change, alter, affect) the universe with greater impact.” ~~ Neale Donald Walsch: Conversations With God (Book 1)

Words can heal or wound. Words can paint a beautiful picture in your mind or a terrifying visual. Words make us pause to think about them. Words can be a tool, a weapon or a balm for the soul. Words inspire…

Food For Thought

“Only I can discover my spirit and make myself free. Only I can take the existential leap, make the decision that carries me beyond what I was yesterday (and what every expert would predict I would be tomorrow) and do a new thing.” ~ Sam Keen: Hymns to an Unknown God: Awakening The Spirit In Everyday Life

At a time when I was struggling to find myself and answers, Hymns to an Unknown God was there for me, providing inspiration, solace and plenty of food for thought.