Food For Thought: Moments Like These

Never get so caught up in the noise around you, that you might forget that there are also moments like these when in the still you see the reflection of light and color and you are lifted up, if only for a moment, to the glory and the grace of beauty in its purest form.

Sunset on the Merrimack River

Even when things appear to be dark, there is still light behind that darkness. Let that light in. Seek that light. Let the very thought of it envelope you and protect your psyche, now and always.

Namaste… Pamela

Photo: Sunset on the Merrimack River in Amesbury, Massachusetts at Lowell’s Boat Shop.

Reflections: Affirming Direction

Summer is winding down as the first week of September has brought a preview of the colors of fall to the banks of the Merrimack River and beyond. The other evening after attending the wake of an old friend from high school, I decided to drive down to the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge as I had the camera in the car.

Before I even got to the Refuge, I was struck by the late day light on the west facing wall of the iconic Pink House on the Plum Island Turnpike. I quickly veered off the side of the road, parked my car and grabbed the camera. I took numerous shots with both a 70 – 300 mm zoom and a 10 – 24 mm wide angle (both Nikon).

The light was breathtaking. The wall was illuminated with a golden glow that mingled sweetly with the fall tones of the marsh grasses and brush around the house. As I walked back and forth along the roadside with the camera taking shots from different angles with my two lens I suddenly realized there was a Red-tailed Hawk sitting on the chimney of the house. My spirit bird had come to visit.

Always tuned to the energy of the wild creatures and other forces of nature, I was grateful for the visit of my messenger, the Red-tailed. Continue reading

Daily Affirmations: Cast Off the Mantle of Struggle

Today, I re-mind myself that carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders weighs heavy on my limbs, for burdens of life though they may stay with us for some time, are meant to be lessons that ultimately lift us up, not continually weigh us down. With my intention set at its highest purpose, I seek today and every day to let go of the burdens that I hold tight to. I release the past, I rest in the present, I go with the flow, and I let the weight that holds me down, melt away. I forgive those who need forgiveness, including myself. I accept what I may not understand. I look for blessings in the littlest of things, the briefest of moments. There I find gratitude in my day. I keep an open space in my heart that might feel compassion and love for those who like me struggle in this world. I strive this and every day to cast off the mantle of struggle and use my life to lift up others. I accept the grace that leads me. And so it is… Intent makes manifest.

Snow on the Pines

Snow on the Pines

Namaste… Pamela

Daily Affirmations: Never Allow Yourself the Luxury of a Negative Thought

There is a place in each of us that comes to surface every now and then. That place is filled with doubt and sometimes fear. It holds our deepest self doubt captive in the back of minds and looms up in our psyche as we strive to move forward. Each time the door to this fear ridden part of our self opens, we must close it quickly and not allow it to seep into our thoughts.

Today, I will practice the “Never Allow Yourself the Luxury of a Negative Thought” principle. Why would I choose to wallow in the Negatives of Doubt and Fear, when I can wallow in the luxury of Happiness and Joy. Today, each time a Negative thought enters into my mind. I will replace it with a positive, self-affirming, loving thought. And so it is… I move through my day with intent, grace and gratitude, today and every day.

barred owl

Namaste… Pamela

Daily Affirmations: Lessons

Today I re-mind myself that all relationships are assignments and love is eternal. I affirm that the greatest lessons I have learned have sometimes come with challenges and pain. I acknowledge that the strength of an open mind and open heart makes all lessons easier to endure. I am the sum total of the lessons I have learned in life and the lessons I have shared. I welcome the grace of learning into my life and I am forever grateful for the lessons.

red-tailed hawk

Namaste… Pamela

Daily Affirmations: Let the Universe Lead the Way

May grace guide me through this day, so that all that I do, all that I create, is of the highest good. May my thoughts and actions come from a loving place within my heart and soul and radiate to all whom I come in contact with on this day. Today and every day, I affirm that I will step back and let the Universe lead the way. And so it is..

fall on merrimack river

Namaste… Pamela