Quote of the Day: Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

This beautiful quote speaks to the trials and tribulations of life and how we emerge as stronger and better human beings…

“The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen.” ~ Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

Namaste… Pamela

New Hampshire Mother Uses Art Therapy to Raise Heroin Addiction Awareness

13450033_10153852229215345_6907428901319467035_nAnne Marie Zanfagna’s gregarious nature is evident from the moment you start talking with her. One would be hard pressed to see the pain hidden behind her outgoing demeanor. Even as a life long friend, I do not always see the sadness Anne Marie carries with her.

When I sat down with her for an interview about her Angels of Addictions project, it quickly became evident that her sadness was what motivates her to paint the portraits of young heroin overdose victims. Anne Marie feels this work, painting portraits and talking about heroin addiction is now her life’s work, her mission.

Through her 501c3 non-profit organization, Angels Of Addictions, Anne Marie and her husband Jim work to raise awareness about heroin addiction, the stigma of heroin addiction and to help raise money for recovery services and a scholarship in their daughter Jackie’s name. Jackie died of a heroin overdose in October 2014.  Continue reading

Musings: The Elusive Red Bird

Musings from my nature writing journal…

A cardinal flew across the road today as I was walking. It darted out from the trees and made a quick trajectory to the other side of the road, flashing its brilliant scarlet-feathered figure in a swift streak before my eyes. I became transfixed upon the stand of trees and brush that the cardinal had descended into, managing somehow despite its brilliant color to blend in to the colorful fall foliage. There it sat hidden in nature’s camouflage. And, I waited, patiently and quietly for him to emerge, ever peering deeper into the wood to catch a glimpse of him fluttering from limb to limb. Continue reading

Food For Thought: Apathy

I have had apathy on my mind since last night when I ran into a friend whose life has been a landslide of troubles for a few years now. Each time he tries to get his footing, another rock tumbles in his path. I understand that pattern of life very well, for I have suffered from the effects of more than a couple of landslides in my life. What always saved me was my ability to pull myself up and out of the mire of rocks and stones and refuse to feel apathetic about my life and others around me.


Apathy is a cruel emotion that masks itself in the guise of “I don’t feel sorry for myself, I don’t give a shit about anything.” But, therein is the truth, because when you “don’t give a shit,” you are indeed feeling sorry for yourself and not caring about anything is your protective guard wall that you wrap around yourself instead of a pair of loving arms. It is the apathetic person that needs friends, and keeps themselves closed off from relationships. It is the apathetic person who is welled up with grief and knows not how to express it. And thus, happiness and joy escape the apathetic person. Sometimes there is no talking to the apathetic person, they don’t want to hear about the things they can do to “fix” their lives. Staying stuck in the mire is sadly where they may want to be, though deep down inside there is often a hidden desire to be loved, for is that not what we all long for?

Namaste… Pamela


Like A Piece Of Discarded Trash

When our hearts have been broken, we feel so alone, like the solitary swan pictured below, or worse, like a piece of discarded trash, left by the wayside. It takes time for a broken heart to heal and we each find our through the pain in our own time and space. Grief is a powerful emotion and lost love is a grievous affair.

Like A Piece Of Discarded Trashsoloswan

When does a heart cease
To be broken,
When does a vow cease
To be significant.
When can you walk away
And, leave the pain behind
Like a piece of discarded trash.
There comes a point,
When enough
Is enough.
It’s time to move on;
But, you feel
You are cheated,
Of the love
You thought that was shared.
And, the emptiness hangs on,
Like a piece of gum,
Stuck upon the bottom of your shoe.
Time often becomes,
And, you wish that
It would refrain.
And, so you cling
To what was once
When does a heart cease
To be broken,
When does a vow cease
To be significant.
When can you walk away,
And, leave the pain behind,
Like a piece,
Of discarded trash.

© Pamela Leavey

If your heart is broken, have faith… In time you will find the strength to love again.

Food For Thought: Loving the Troubled Soul


I was reminded again recently that life is short. Some of us live with the understanding that our lives are filled with lessons, some are joyful lessons and some are painful lessons. And, some of us live our lives forever chasing demons from our soul in the most self destructive of ways. Continue reading