Comparison Essay: A Life in Two Cities

A Life in Two Cities

In the summer of 2008, I finally decided that I had had enough of living in Los Angeles.  The time had come for me to return to my native New England. However, instead of longing for the banks of the Merrimack River and the sandy beaches of my childhood in Massachusetts, I longed for the lure of the rocky, rugged coast of Maine. When the opportunity arose to move to that rugged Maine coast in Eastport, I was ready to make that leap with my nineteen-year-old daughter.

The irony did not escape me that we would be moving from one coastal corner of America to another. From the southwest to the northeast, or should I say, Down East, as Eastport, Maine is the easternmost city in Maine’s Down East region and the United States. This move from one city to another was not a mere cross-country relocation from one expansive city to another. Oh no, every aspect of Eastport was polar opposite from Los Angeles and I could not have chosen a more perfect place to detox our spirits after living in L.A. for nearly twenty years.   Continue reading

Tara Singh: Rest the Brain

Many years ago while living in Los Angeles, I attended a Course In Miracles Retreat in Santa Barbara that was led by Tara Singh.

Tara Singh was a dedicated teacher of a Course in Miracles and the founder of the Joseph Plan Foundation. Unfortunately there aren’t many videos available of Tara Singh’s teachings. I did find this video and wanted to share it here:

YouTube Preview Image

Simply listening to Singh speak draws one towards peace of mind…

Sunday Night Jazz: Poncho Sanchez – Watermelon Man (Live)

Very cool video of Poncho Sanchez at the Montreux Jazz Festival (circa 2004) performing Watermelon Man…

YouTube Preview Image

Poncho is a phenomenal conguero. He used to play occassionally at this little Brazilian restaurant on Ventura Blvd. in Studio City, CA., I was lucky enough to sit at a table right next to the band one night… Lot’s of fun! I love Latin Jazz…


Joshua Tree in Timelapse Photography

A little something to break up the day… This is visually astounding to watch…

The timelapse imagery was captured by the gang over at Sunchaser Pictures, who took these photos while visiting this past weekend.

Joshua Tree Journey: Part 2 from Sunchaser Pictures on Vimeo.

Enjoy… I had the opportunity while living in Los Angeles to drive through part of Joshua Tree with my daughter one time while we spending a few days in Palm Springs vacationing. It’s an amazing National Park, one I would love to visit again, although I no longer live in California.

On The River

Having your right foot in a cast is truly a pain in the a**. I’m not sure what is most annoying about it all, but not being able to drive is a big one. It’s tough being stuck in house and dependent on family and friends for supplies, etc…

I also sorely miss my hiking at Parker River National Wildlife Refuge, Maudsley State Park and along Point Shore in Amesbury. Before I started hiking a few weeks ago, a good drive along the river to Plum Island always served to clear my head.

Thankfully, my hiking partner came by to rescue me on Monday and we took a wonderful drive along the Merrimack River, from Amesbury, through Merrimack and Rock’s Village and then over the Rock’s Village Bridge and back along River Road in West Newbury (my early childhood stomping grounds).

We were looking for Bald Eagles which have been here in smaller numbers this season. The Bald Eagle proved to be elusive on Monday, but we treated to a sighting of 4 – 6 Eastern Bluebirds… Yes, that’s right, the Blue Bird Of Happiness.

Sadly, Continue reading

Blue Whales Delight Whale Watchers in So Cal and Maine

I just had to share this video from NBC Evening News about the pod of blue whales that have been delighting whale watchers in the Los Angeles area.

The blue whales were once almost extinct but they have mande a huge comeback and NBC News reports that a blue whale was also “spotted by whale watchers just off the coast of Maine last Sunday.”

Maybe we’ll hear of sighting by one of the more local whale watching boats here on the North Shore sometime soon.