Daily Affirmations: Perseverance

Today, I re-mind myself that I am capable of accomplishing everything I set my mind to. If I set goals that seem daunting it is because I want to achieve them. Part of the key to achieving my goals is to stay on task and work on a schedule. This is doable and I re-mind myself that I can get through the work load with perseverance and dedication to my goal. And so it is, that I start this day with anticipation that by sunset I will feel accomplished and satisfied in what I have achieved this day. Intent makes manifest… Re-minding myself that I can achieve whatever I set to achieve matters.

late january sunset

Namaste… Pamela

Daily Affirmations: My Life Is Rich

Today, I re-mind myself that my life is rich and filled with so many blessings. It is easy, sometimes to fall into a state of self pity when things seem to not be going our way, but we cannot wallow or linger for for too long in that space of sadness for is serves no purpose but to weigh us down. And so it is, on this and every day that I re-mind myself that I live a very full and rich life that is filled with blessings great and small. From family and friends, to the stranger on the street that touches my life, there are so many people that contribute to the blessings in my life. From my work to the downtime that I choose to spend in nature, I am gifted with a great appreciation for all that there is. Let this and everyday be an opportunity to be grateful for the life I live, for it is rich and bountiful. I am abundant. Gratitude matters.


Namaste… Pamela

Musings: All That Glitters

All that glitters, sparkles before my eyes as I sit each day at my desk watching the Merrimack River in its constant state of passage. I am like a passenger, perpetually voyaging along the river, though the motion runs afore my eyes, it too runs through me.

There are rivulets that run within the mighty river that races downstream giving visage to a fluid landscape that flows to the ocean and then turns abruptly with the tides and flows back upstream again. How can that be, you might ask. How can a river run upstream? A river at the mouth of the ocean or sea is affected by the tides. As the tide turns on coastline, so too turns the water in the river until it reaches a certain point where the tide can no long flow against the force of the river’s natural downstream direction. There is always, always flow. Like life. Continue reading

Musings: Dusk Sky and Geese

From my Nature Writing Journal…

sunset on the river

As I gazed out from my desk at the vista before me, I could see that just across the road to the waters of Merrimack river where I live. The sky was striped with soft pink and slate blue stripes. A flock of Canada Geese was flying just above the tree line. They were heading west with the sun announcing their presence with their loud call that sounded somewhat like an old car horn… “honk, honk, honk.”

Even as the sun was setting and geese were flying overhead, their call trumpeted through the still. Soon it would be dusk. The colors of the sky transmuted to darker hues that transfixed me. I sat on my porch bench and watched the sky dark until the blue hour had settled in. Another flock of geese could be heard off in the distance, or perhaps it was the same flock, flying back my way.

What message were they conveying to each other, I wondered. What message were they conveying to me? Stop, sit, and listen. Be in the still. Soak in the moments when there is nothing but sheer silence surrounding your presence. In that silence is where you find the answers to your deepest questions. In that silence is where you find peace. In that silence, is where inspiration soars like the geese winding their way along the river.

Musings: Lapis

From my Nature Writing journal…

The lapis blue water of the Merrimack River flowed towards the ocean in gentle ripples. I could hear the soft lapping sound of the water on the river’s beach. The tide was still heading out towards the mouth of the river, but the current had slowed to a gentle tug. The sun reflected golden ridges on the ripples of the lapis water.

Was the water ever still, I wondered to myself? I knew the answer… Never. Even when it looks to be not moving, simply static and still, there is an undercurrent flowing with the tides. By nature water moves, always.

Lapis Water - Merrimack River

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Musings: The Golden Hour

From my nature writing journal, Fall 2015

I was sitting on the front porch reading and watching the half dozen crows that were making a raucous in the trees across the road. The crows cawed loudly. The squirrels scurried about. A blue jay screeched its name, “Jay, Jay,” in the distance. Fall was quietly descending a little every day. I could see a tinge of golden brown in the grasses on the other shore across the river. Gazing with a squint to better my focus my eyes, I realized there was a great blue heron slowly moving in the river grass along the shore, looking for its evening meal.

All of a sudden there was a riotous and rowdy clambering in the trees coming from the crows and then a crash followed by a great fluttering of black wings. It was late afternoon. “Surely, those crows were up to no good,” I thought to myself. Continue reading