Daily Affirmations: Patience

Sometimes we are bursting with ideas that we are anxious to bring to fruition and the responsibilities of our lives get in the way of moving full force into our new plans and projects. Today, I affirm to practice patience as I move through my day, for I know that there is time for everything to come to fruition. I recognize that The goals of I set now, the desires I intend to bring to fore, will all come in time. Patience is required to see these things through to completion. And so it is… Intent Makes Manifest. Let the magic do its work.

merrimack river foliage 2015

Namaste… Pamela

Daily Affirmations: My Life is Rich

Today, I affirm my gratitude for all of the Love, Joy and Abundance that is in my life. My life is rich with many facets of abundance great and small, and I acknowledge these riches with gratitude. I re-mind myself that in recognizing my abundance and honoring it, I make room in my life for more abundance to come my way. I affirm this day and every day, I am abundant. I re-mind myself each day, gratitude matters. I recognize that intent makes manifest. And so it is…

on the river

Namaste… Pamela

My Writing Life: Little Red Pays a Visit

I was hoping my move to the river a few weeks ago would provide me for good inspiration for my writing. It has taken me sometime to settle in to my new place and that has been a distraction from school, and of course my writing. The inspiration is starting to kick in, I am happy to say.

Writing has been my life and I’ve never fulfilled writing what I really wanted to write about so I am working on that now while I am working on BA at UMass Amherst University Without Walls where I am majoring in Creative Writing and Communication in the Digital Age.

I had a visitor to my front porch this morning. A little red squirrel who eventually started tearing into an old cushion on beat up wicker chair with a basket of fake forsythia in it. I grabbed the cameras. And then I grabbed my big 8.5″ x 11″ journal and started writing. I”ll take it… one page at a time.

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Daily Affirmations: To Learn and Grow From My Mistakes

Today, I re-mind myself that over the course of time, we all repeat the same mistakes time and time again until we solidify the lesson we need to learn. Today, I ask for the strength to learn and grow from my mistakes. I re-mind myself that there are always warning signs and I must be watchful for those signs so that I will not to succumb to the vicious cycle of repeating my mistakes over and over again.


Namaste… Pamela

Daily Affirmations: Let the Universe Lead the Way

May grace guide me through this day, so that all that I do, all that I create, is of the highest good. May my thoughts and actions come from a loving place within my heart and soul and radiate to all whom I come in contact with on this day. Today and every day, I affirm that I will step back and let the Universe lead the way. And so it is..

fall on merrimack river

Namaste… Pamela