Reflections: Affirming Direction

Summer is winding down as the first week of September has brought a preview of the colors of fall to the banks of the Merrimack River and beyond. The other evening after attending the wake of an old friend from high school, I decided to drive down to the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge as I had the camera in the car.

Before I even got to the Refuge, I was struck by the late day light on the west facing wall of the iconic Pink House on the Plum Island Turnpike. I quickly veered off the side of the road, parked my car and grabbed the camera. I took numerous shots with both a 70 – 300 mm zoom and a 10 – 24 mm wide angle (both Nikon).

The light was breathtaking. The wall was illuminated with a golden glow that mingled sweetly with the fall tones of the marsh grasses and brush around the house. As I walked back and forth along the roadside with the camera taking shots from different angles with my two lens I suddenly realized there was a Red-tailed Hawk sitting on the chimney of the house. My spirit bird had come to visit.

Always tuned to the energy of the wild creatures and other forces of nature, I was grateful for the visit of my messenger, the Red-tailed. Continue reading

Daily Affirmations: Take Time For Myself

Today, I affirm that I must stop every now and then, and take time for myself. One person can only do so much, and I must remember that I am one person. I load my plate typically with so many tasks that I am inundated some days with work related obligations that keep me going from the time I arise until the time I settle into bed for the night. Today, I will pause long enough to appreciate the beauty in nature that surrounds me and pamper my heart and soul, even if it is only for a few short moments. Today, I will set my intent to looking at better use of my time and finding ways to take time for myself. I am only one person, and I far to often stretch my limits. Today, I will set my intent to be easy with myself and enjoy the moments of the day, which bring me happiness, joy and a sense of relaxation, even if for the briefest of moments. As so it is… Intent makes manifest.

Great White Egret at Parker River National Wildlife Refuge

Namaste… Pamela

Daily Affirmations: I Am Strong and Confident

Today, I re-mind myself that to be empowered, I must be able to lead my life in my own way. I set my intent today and every day, that I am strong and confident. I do not let others deter my path. My life is on the path that I choose for myself. I travel through my life on the path that works for me. I know in my heart that my path is the right path for me. And if, by chance I find my path is heading me in the wrong direction, I am not afraid to veer off my path and head out on to a new path that leads me to new opportunities and growth. I am strong and confident. I use intent to forge my will and my way. And so it is… Intent makes manifest.

hellcat swamp path

Namaste… Pamela

Daily Affirmations: I Am Awesome

Today, I re-mind myself that to be empowered, I must be willing to see that I have something worthy and awesome to offer to the world. My true strength comes from within, I must lift myself up so that others can see the light that shines within me. The truth is we each have a light that shines within. Today, I am willing to make my self-empowerment my guiding force of the day. I recognize that happiness is my choice and I share that happiness with those around me. I recognize that in choosing to see myself as an Awesome Being in the world, I am lifting myself up, empowering myself to be all I can be and inspiring others to do the same. And so it is. Intent Makes Manifest… I Am Awesome.


Namaste… Pamela

Daily Affirmations: Daily Walk Of Life

Today, I re-mind myself that in my daily walk of life, I am free to choose my own path and follow the direction of my own heart. The path may not always be easy, but leads me to some of the greatest lessons, lessons I may not have learned if I had not diverged from the beaten path and followed, the road less traveled. We’re all here to follow our own path and learn our own lessons. Our teachers are many and varied. We learn best when our heart and mind is open and willing to receive. We learn best when we let our open heart and open mind lead us down the divergent path to our own truth. It is our intent that makes manifest the path of our highest calling. And so it is… Intent makes manifest on this daily walk of life.Hellcat Swamp - Parker River National Wildlife Refuge

Namaste… Pamela