Quote of the Day: Follow Your Own Path

Be bold, Take a chance... Follow you own path!

Be bold,
Take a chance…
Follow you own path!

© Pamela Leavey

As a creative soul, my spirit has always dictated that I follow my own path. Sometimes I may stumble, but I know when I step out boldly and take a chance, I am giving myself the power to discover more about myself and life. ~ Namaste… Pamela


Daily Affirmation: My Life Is Rich

sandy point facing south

Today I re-mind myself that nothing and no one can shake my resolve as I move forward in my life, continuing my quest to do good works and help others in what ever way I can. My life is rich and I am abundant in ways that cannot be measured monetarily. ~ Namaste… Pamela

Food For Thought: A Flower Bud

Peony Buds

Peony Buds

Treat this day as though it is a flower bud, opening and unfurling its petals as the moments of the day pass on. Each moment, each petal unfurling, is an opportunity for growth and change. We can blossom in our lives as flower bud changes from a tight, young bud to wide open flower, rich and heady with pollen to germinate the seeds of life elsewhere.

We are the cycle of life, as is the flower bud. We gain nothing if we remain tight and closed, a bud unwilling to open. We must look towards each day and unfurl our lives with happiness, gratitude and inspiration to be the most glorious flower we can be. That is living in the moment.

Food For Thought: On Life Lessons


Our path is always changing, as is the scenery. One day we find ourselves heading in a completely different direction then we had planned. What happened, we ask ourselves, how did my life change so suddenly without my approval of the plan? Lessons appear in our lives when we least expect them. These life lessons are our opportunities to rise above the adversities in our lives and become more than we were when the lessons presented themselves. How we handle those lessons determines whether we learn from the lessons or stay stuck, wallowing in despair.

Life can be harsh and life can be filled with wonder and joy. It is up to each of us to make the best of what we are presented with each and every day. Each day, I re-mind myself to find even the smallest sliver gratitude, joy and happiness. Even in the midst of the most profound grief and sorrow, we can all find something to be grateful for each day. Gratitude matters. When we strive to live in the moment we begin to transcend the difficulties placed in the midst of our path.

Daily Affirmations: To Question is to Learn

When we are weighted down with troubles and woes, we can easily start to lose confidence, sometimes without even being aware that that is happening. Even the strongest among us, with years of spiritual practice can find themselves doubting from time to time. To question our faith, to question our path, these are natural to us all. These are healthy questions from which we learn. And learn is what we are here to do.

Today, I re-mind myself that it is customary to question our beliefs, as that is part of the seeking. I affirm to question is to learn. No spiritual path is ever lined with rose bushes along a white picket fence. We have work to do along the way of our path, we have rocks to stumble over and brambles to wade through. Sometimes we will experience sheer bliss upon a path and other times we will suffer in the most profound ways. The purpose is the immerse fully in the path and not plant roses to mask the difficult parts of the journey, but let the path be our guide.

The path always guides me…

maudslay path

Photo: Early Spring on the Maudslay Trail ~ c. Pamela J. Leavey

Gratitude Matters: 10 Awesome Gratitude Quotes

grapevineatmaudslayGratitude matters in every aspect of life, from your personal life to your work or business life. In fact, expressing gratitude helps us to remember that what we have plenty in our lives to be grateful for. It also helps us to remind the people in our lives that we are grateful for them as well.

Sharing our gratitude, expressing how grateful we are, is in fact a very motivational and inspirational form of communication.

Here’s proof that the inspirational expression of gratitude is an awesome from of communication using the written (or spoken) word: Continue reading