Daily Affirmations: Abundance

Abundance is like the ocean, it ebbs and it flows. Today, I re-mind myself, that each ebb that slows the flow, is an opportunity to renew my commitment to that flow of abundance in my life or find new ways to create flow. In this, I affirm, I am abundant.

sandypointNamaste… Pamela

Photo: Sandy Point, Plum Island, Massachusetts ~ c. Pamela J. Leavey

Daily Affirmations: Choosing Happiness


Sometimes we sail through life, not thinking about how fragile it can be. Today, I remind myself that each moment is precious, and it is up to me to make the most of it. I do this, make the most of each moment, by choosing happiness to be my guide throughout today and everyday.

Namaste… Pamela

Reflections: Passing Storms

Uncertainty had plagued my for a while on a few different levels and yesterday was the day to cast that aside. I had made a rash decision based on financial concern, and the decision made the situation worse on a few levels. It was time to put the stress the situation caused behind me.

I drove to the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge knowing that off in the distance there was a storm moving in. I wasn’t sure when I entered the Refuge if I would drive to Sandy Point, at the southern tip of the Refuge, or turn back and head home when I reached Hellcat Swamp, where the road turns to dirt. I drove on…

Sandy Point, Plum Island, Massachusetts ~ c. Pamela J. Leavey 2014

Sandy Point, Plum Island, Massachusetts ~ c. Pamela J. Leavey 2014

As the clouds moved closer and the sky darkened, cars were leaving the beach and the Refuge in attempt to beat the storm. I knew instinctively, watching the skies as I drove, that the storm would for the most part, pass north of Sandy Point.

I walked the beach keeping my eyes on the dark clouds, as they moved west to east. I felt a certain sense of safety there, heedless of the swiftly moving storm. I had come there for a reason, to let the storms that had been brewing my heart and mind pass through me with the storm moving across the sky.

Sitting on the beach I felt relieved of the negative energy that had prevailed over my usual positive mindset for a while. The dark skies were moving quickly and far off in the distance to the west, I could see the clear skies following. Sit out the storm, I told myself. It will pass.

I could hear the thunder booming and crashing, and see the occasional flash off lightening light up the dark skies to the north of where I sat on the beach. I felt alive and giddy with energy generated by the storm.

Life brings storms to our door. Some we create on our own, some are nature’s doing. No matter where those storms originate that always pass. In those times of storms in our life, sometimes we must face them head on in order to release them.

As I sat on the beach, I knew I was there to face the brewing storm head on. The release I experienced as I watched the storm roll in was tantamount to giving all things troubling in my heart and soul over to the universe. Trust and let go.

As the wind picked up and the rain began to fall softly at first, I felt cleansed and renewed in the tears of the Great Mother Goddess. My grief moved through me and shifted to happiness and joy.

Sometimes you just need to sit and let the storms in life pass by…

Food For Thought: In The Moment

Food for thought… It is all about being in the moment because everything changes like the tides…

“The fundamental understanding of oneself does not come through knowledge or through the accumulation of experiences, which is merely the cultivation of memory. The understanding of oneself is from moment to moment; if we merely accumulate knowledge of the self, that very knowledge prevents further understanding, because accumulated knowledge and experience become the center through which thought focuses and has its being.” J Krishnamurti ~ The Book of Life

Sandy Point ~ c. Pamela J. Leavey 2014

Sandy Point ~ c. Pamela J. Leavey 2014


Food For Thought: Communication

I feel as though people do not always take the time to fully communicate with each other. Is it because we are afraid to hear what someone else has to say? Is it because we are afraid to expose our vulnerable places and spaces to others? When we communicate with loved ones, we find communion…

“Communion is the root word in communication, reminding us that to communicate with another  person isn’t to pass on information.” ~ Deepak Chopra: The Path to Love

Red Tail Hawk on Pink House Chimney  ~ c. Pamela J. Leavey

Plum Island Pink House ~ c. Pamela J. Leavey

My Special Place

I’m taking classes at UML. My first writing exercise for English Comp is to write about a “special place” that is meaningful to me. I spend a lot of time at the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge. It is my “special place”…

When I think of a “special place”, the first place that comes to mind is the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge on Plum Island in Newburyport, Massachusetts. As a child growing up in West Newbury, Massachusetts in the 1960’s it was legal to camp on Sandy Point, which is the southern tip of Plum Island and the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge. As a small child, I grew up spending a few summers in my early life, camping with my family and numerous aunts, uncles and cousins on my mother’s side of the family. Days were spent climbing dunes, building sand castles, racing snails and simply living simply. Those early childhood memories of the Refuge, fuel a deep abiding love for the 7 mile stretch of estuary land along the coast of Massachusetts.

Salt Pannes at the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge

Salt Pannes at the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge

The Refuge, as folks acquainted with refer to it, is unique in its diverse landscape and wildlife. Now, decades after my childhood and a 20 year stretch of living in Los Angeles, I am drawn to the Refuge at least once a week to revel in its beauty, and immerse my self in the sheer peace of mind that being there invokes in me. Each visit is a new view as the skies, tides and seasons change to colors and contrasts of the Refuge on a daily, if not hour to hour, minute to minute basis cycle. In my world, the Refuge is church. It is there I go to seek solace. It is there I go to celebrate. I have lived on both coasts of United States, visited the south of France, Paris, London and Amsterdam and still for every other place, I have lived or visited, no place can claim the designation of my “special place” more than the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge.