Daily Affirmations: Be All That I Can Be

sandy point trail

Today, I strive to make a difference where ever I go. Today, I strive to touch one life in such a way that I provide comfort, solace and help in some meaningful way. Today, I strive to Be All That I Can Be, to do my best in all that I do. Today, I go forth and do the work of the Spirit that guides me, and trust that it shall not lead me astray. Today, I will trust that somewhere,  somehow I will make a difference; and I am grateful for that opportunity.

Namaste… Pamela

Musings: At the Water’s Edge

low tide sandy pointMusings on a late summer’s day from my journal…

The tidal waters converged around the sandbar creating a rippling wave that crisscrossed and danced diagonally on the shore. The blue ocean water sparkled in the large tidal basin evoking the vision of a large sapphire sitting in the sun.

As I waded in the warm tidal pool I looked down to see a school of minnows swirling about my feet and my ankles. I imagined that they tickled my flesh as they swam by so swiftly in the sun-warmed water.

What a blessing to have this perfect last beach day soaking up the sun and lolling in the water that was near warm enough to be in the tub. Life was teeming at the water’s edge, from the minnows and hermit crabs to the sanderlings and piping plovers and of course, the large shore birds, the gulls of the Atlantic shore. Soon the cooler fall air would shift into play and the warmer weather birds would migrate.

The vast swarms of swallows had left the refuge just a few days ago. The purple martins were also gone. The songbirds had long moved on. Summer was winding down. The green marshes had been showing a hint of fall color for a few weeks, but suddenly there was a riot of color exploding in bursts across the landscape.

New England’s Best Beaches

The Boston Globe names Crane Beach in Ipswich one of New England’s Best Beaches. It is great to see this local beach made the list:

We happen to love Crane Beach, with its undulating dunes and secret maritime forest, and so do the folks at NationalGeographic.com. They hailed it as one of the Top 10 US Family Beaches. “Calm waters, warm tidal pools, and on-site amenities such as a snack bar . . . make this an ideal destination for families,” they noted. Not to mention the pure powdery-softness of the sand, and the cool views of the Great House, rising over the beach.

I know Crane Beach is a fabulous beach for the reasons the Boston Globe cites, warm tidal pools and powdery soft sands but for me there is a beach that rises above the cut of all of New England’s Best Beaches and that beach has a view of Crane Beach. Continue reading

Food For Thought: On Life Lessons


Our path is always changing, as is the scenery. One day we find ourselves heading in a completely different direction then we had planned. What happened, we ask ourselves, how did my life change so suddenly without my approval of the plan? Lessons appear in our lives when we least expect them. These life lessons are our opportunities to rise above the adversities in our lives and become more than we were when the lessons presented themselves. How we handle those lessons determines whether we learn from the lessons or stay stuck, wallowing in despair.

Life can be harsh and life can be filled with wonder and joy. It is up to each of us to make the best of what we are presented with each and every day. Each day, I re-mind myself to find even the smallest sliver gratitude, joy and happiness. Even in the midst of the most profound grief and sorrow, we can all find something to be grateful for each day. Gratitude matters. When we strive to live in the moment we begin to transcend the difficulties placed in the midst of our path.