Daily Affirmations: Walking the Path of Least Resistance

The day breaks and I rise with the sun, and a reminder that this day will be what I make of it. Barring unforeseen circumstances, each day I have a choice to be happy and embrace the day, or to wallow in whatever stress and complications exist in my life. I choose to be happy, because to me, choosing to be happy is walking the path of least resistance. Life throws difficult circumstances in our way. It takes loved ones from us. We lose our jobs, we struggle financially, but all of those circumstances are just that, circumstances. Through all circumstances that life sends my way, I know that I can still be, as William Ernest Henley said in his poem Invictus, “the master of my fate… the captain of my soul.” And so it is… Intention makes manifest…

maudslay trail Namaste… Pamela

American Indian Poet, Actor, Activist John Trudell Passes On at 69

John Trudell, Santee Sioux, passed away this morning. He was 69. I have been a long time fan of John Trudell’s written and spoken word, as well as an admirer of the work he has done as an activist. I had the pleasure of meeting John a few times while living in Los Angeles and seeing him perform with his band, Bad Dog. I was deeply saddened to learn a few days ago that John had cancer and his time was limited here on our planet, the planet he advocated for in so many ways.

I am a better person for knowing John Trudell. He was a great man, a peaceful warrior, a stellar human being. His words will be with us forever…

“My ride showed up.””Celebrate Love. Celebrate Life.” John Trudell February 15, 1946 – December 8, 2015

Posted by John Trudell on Tuesday, December 8, 2015


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Prayers for John’s family and all his relations… Mitakuye Owasin.

Hot Running Tap

Delving through an unpublished manuscript of my poetry, I ran across this piece that hits home for me right now…

hot running tapHot Running Tap

Surely, had I looked
The other way,
I would have seen you coming;
The look in your eyes,
Your smile,
Your lines that flowed
Like a hot running tap.
But I, was too intrigued
By your fiery
Lingering glances.
And yet, somehow
I felt safe enough
To take my chances.
And now,
As the disenchantment sets in,
And I think to myself,
I will never
See you again;
I realize
Had I looked
The other way,
I would have seen
You coming,
And spared myself
Getting burned.

© Pamela J. Leavey (From my unpublished poetry manuscript: Rogue Lovers, Thieves Of My Heart, And Others)

Be Just Woman

Decades ago when I started my personal foray into women’s studies, the field was still quite new. A feminist at heart, I was raised by a mother who also felt the tug of women’s rights strongly, as she came of age in the time of the early women’s rights movement in America. It is fear that causes men to still thwart women’s rights. It is fear that keeps some women from speaking up and claiming their own. Yet, we women are strong, powerful, “brilliant beings,” and many still long for the rights of simply be themselves.

The Temple of Five by Lisa Marquis BradburyBe Just Woman

In the brilliance
Of my madness,
Only then can I see
The sadness,
That walks,
And talks
In a million
Brilliant beings.
I see it on the corner,
In every face
Of every woman,
In the shops,
On the bus,
Every one,
They are all us.
We have long to speak
Our voice,
To tell our feelings,
Be just women.
We have long to walk
Our walk,
To talk
Our talk,
Be just women.
We are mothers
To our children,
Fierce and docile
Both by nature.
We are friends
To our sisters,
And lovers,
To our men.
We are feminists,
Who want to be
Honored and revered,
But instead
In our passing,
We are often not loved,
Only feared.
© Pamela Leavey
Temple of the Five by Lisa Marquis Bradbury ©

Like A Piece Of Discarded Trash

When our hearts have been broken, we feel so alone, like the solitary swan pictured below, or worse, like a piece of discarded trash, left by the wayside. It takes time for a broken heart to heal and we each find our through the pain in our own time and space. Grief is a powerful emotion and lost love is a grievous affair.

Like A Piece Of Discarded Trashsoloswan

When does a heart cease
To be broken,
When does a vow cease
To be significant.
When can you walk away
And, leave the pain behind
Like a piece of discarded trash.
There comes a point,
When enough
Is enough.
It’s time to move on;
But, you feel
You are cheated,
Of the love
You thought that was shared.
And, the emptiness hangs on,
Like a piece of gum,
Stuck upon the bottom of your shoe.
Time often becomes,
And, you wish that
It would refrain.
And, so you cling
To what was once
When does a heart cease
To be broken,
When does a vow cease
To be significant.
When can you walk away,
And, leave the pain behind,
Like a piece,
Of discarded trash.

© Pamela Leavey

If your heart is broken, have faith… In time you will find the strength to love again.