Food for Thought: On Being Busy

Saying I am “Busy,” can signal the need to avoid something unpleasant.

Many people use “busy” as their catch all buzz word to hide their preference to not respond or discuss something that might make them feel uncomfortable. I know I have used it myself on more than one occasion. It is the perfect excuse to get out of anything we don’t want to do.

But using that “busy” excuse gives rise to beg these questions: Continue reading

Food For Thought: Moment to Moment

I like to think that life is a grand adventure, for we have opportunities all the time, to make the ordinary moments in our lives extraordinary. Much of what occurs in our lives and how we react to it is based on our finite view of each moment in the now as it occurs.

light on the river

This is not to say there are times when we cannot take ourselves out of tough circumstances, this is to say, we can put more reverence into the ordinary moments and find the grace of adventure in a simple trip to the grocery store. Continue reading

Food For Thought: Acceptance

I strive each day to practice acceptance of all things and all people in my life, no matter how difficult it may be in some trying circumstances. As in all things in life, some days are easier than others…


Acceptance requires tolerance, understanding, compassion and empathy. To be accepting of others, I know must be tolerant of their differences in thoughts and beliefs.

Acceptance is in fact, key to love and love heals all…

Food For Thought: Life’s Storms

Storm Rolling In on the Merrimack River ~ c. Pamela J. Leavey

Storm Rolling In on the Merrimack River ~ c. Pamela J. Leavey

When there is a storm rolling in, we all know how important it is to take cover. Because storms can be very erratic and sometimes volatile, we seek shelter to protect ourselves from damage a storm might wreak. Continue reading