Food for Thought: On Being Busy

Saying I am “Busy,” can signal the need to avoid something unpleasant.

Many people use “busy” as their catch all buzz word to hide their preference to not respond or discuss something that might make them feel¬†uncomfortable. I know I have used it myself on more than one occasion. It is the perfect excuse to get out of anything we don’t want to do.

But using that “busy” excuse gives rise to beg these questions: Continue reading

Daily Affirmations: Disconnect to Reconnect

caressing the light

It is not uncommon to let our busy lives get in the way of our relationships. Today, I re-mind myself that it is a choice I can make, to be present in the lives of my loved ones. This means not just showing up, but also to be fully there, unattached to outside influences, engaging in conversation, and even quite moments.

Technology has changed the way we communicate. At the very core of relationships, it is the one on one communication, the touch, the hug, the eye contact, that each of us crave and need in our lives. Sometimes we all need to step back and disengage from technology so we can truly feel and relate to others. Today I affirm that when I am with my loved ones I will disconnect so that I may reconnect.

Namaste… Pamela

Photo: Branches Caressing the Light ~ c. Pamela J. Leavey

Food For Thought: Online or Offline

I’m in the midst of a Reflections on Technology class at UMass Amherst, University Without Walls. One of the objects of the class is to reflect on our relationship with technology. This week’s lesson is specifically about fasting from technology and the implications of that fast. Deeper posed questions brought up in our class reading included a couple of articles on the meanings of being online and offline. Nathan Jurgenson’s, The IRL Fetish, is a great read on the debate over what it means to be online and subsequently offline.

A lot can be said about the benefits of going offline for a time, and Jurgenson points out that more and more people participate in spending time offline. In reality, there is no separation between being online or offline, it is contextual, among other things. Continue reading