A Carolina Wren Comes to Roost

Last night I just discovered a Carolina Wren sleeping under the eaves on my front porch. My first reaction was what the heck is that little brown thing up there in the corner? I have red squirrels, chipmunks and field mice around the yard. At first, I wasn’t sure if it was a little rodent or some other strange creature. Finally after peering out the door at it for a time, I opened the front door, went out and walked up underneath it. As I slowly, quietly walked up below it, I realized it was a little bird. It didn’t flinch a feather as I stood there a couple of feet beneath it, peering up at in the light of the porch lamp. After observing it from different angles and being certain I was not disturbing it in any way, I went inside and grabbed my camera to take some photos, because it looked so strange all puffed up there, roosting in the corner as it was.

little carolina wren sleeping in the porch eaves

I knew it was not a Sparrow and given the coloring, I thought it must be Wren of some sort. Checking my bird book, I determined it must be a Carolina Wren. My first instinct, once I realized it was a Wee Little Wren, a favorite bird of mine, was to take it down from the corner and hold the poor little creature in my hands to warm it up. It made me cold to see it up there roosting in the corner instead of in a warm nest or bird house somewhere. I myself was shivering from the chill in the air.

“Why was it not roosting in a bird house,” I questioned myself? “There are plenty of bird houses about in the yard,” I told myself.  “Perhaps it is new to the neighborhood, as I am,” I thought. Perhaps it is lost and sought shelter here on my front porch.  Continue reading

My Writing Life: Little Red Pays a Visit

I was hoping my move to the river a few weeks ago would provide me for good inspiration for my writing. It has taken me sometime to settle in to my new place and that has been a distraction from school, and of course my writing. The inspiration is starting to kick in, I am happy to say.

Writing has been my life and I’ve never fulfilled writing what I really wanted to write about so I am working on that now while I am working on BA at UMass Amherst University Without Walls where I am majoring in Creative Writing and Communication in the Digital Age.

I had a visitor to my front porch this morning. A little red squirrel who eventually started tearing into an old cushion on beat up wicker chair with a basket of fake forsythia in it. I grabbed the cameras. And then I grabbed my big 8.5″ x 11″ journal and started writing. I”ll take it… one page at a time.

Little Red Pays a Visit: Continue reading

Hot Running Tap

Delving through an unpublished manuscript of my poetry, I ran across this piece that hits home for me right now…

hot running tapHot Running Tap

Surely, had I looked
The other way,
I would have seen you coming;
The look in your eyes,
Your smile,
Your lines that flowed
Like a hot running tap.
But I, was too intrigued
By your fiery
Lingering glances.
And yet, somehow
I felt safe enough
To take my chances.
And now,
As the disenchantment sets in,
And I think to myself,
I will never
See you again;
I realize
Had I looked
The other way,
I would have seen
You coming,
And spared myself
Getting burned.

© Pamela J. Leavey (From my unpublished poetry manuscript: Rogue Lovers, Thieves Of My Heart, And Others)

Is A Secret Sacred?

Is A Secret Sacred

Is a secret sacred
Is it to be held
Heartily is some reverential place
Only to be revealed
To the ones of the cult
Is a secret sacred
Is it to be held
Hopeful and tentative in its space
Or should it be revealed
At the alter of great doubt
Is a secret sacred


*Originally posted as a submission for Poetic Asides Poetry Challenge, the 2015 April PAD Challenge: Day 2 ~ c. Pamela J. Leavey.

*Photo: Maudslay State Park ~ c. Pamela J. Leavey

International Women’s Day: Broken Down Woman Blues

It has been 22 years since I wrote the poem below about a woman who was “broken down” from all she had gone through in her life. She knew she wasn’t alone, there were plenty of other women who also had the “broken down woman blues.” Today, on International Women’s Day, I am reflecting on how far we’ve come in the past 22 years, and recognize we still have a long way to go. Looking through some old writing the other night I ran across this poem and felt it fitting to share on International Women’s Day.

We come together as sisters, the women of the Broken Down Woman Blues. We’ve come to feel that no man will ever save us, that we can only rely on ourselves. We come from abusive relationships, we carry a lot of painful weight as we struggle to find ourselves in a man’s world.

And for some of us, we come together as sisters united by the struggle for our own rights as women, our own empowerment, the idea women still don’t have equality. When we stand up and we keep getting pushed down, we sometimes break down.

Women around the world know this truth… Continue reading