Name That Bear

Oh my goodness what a gift this baby polar bear is!

Born at the Toronto Zoo, the staff has “nurtured him carefully from just a pound a half in weight to his current healthy 37 pound-plus.”

They gave him plenty of tender loving care until, at 90 days, he began to walk.

But one thing they didn’t give him was a name. They’re throwing that to the public, in the form of a contest that will be open until March 16. The winning moniker will be announced March 31.

Learn more about the polar bear cub here, and learn how you can enter the naming contest here.

You gotta just smile to see this little bear! He’s pure inspiration…

Food For Thought

“To be fully animated, we must find ways to take the cream of our experience – the high and holy moments of inspiration – and merge it into the ordinary minutes of our average days. It’s easy to get high; it’s a challenge to remain soulful. ” ~~ Sam Keen – Hymns To An Unknown God

Food For Thought

“Only I can discover my spirit and make myself free. Only I can take the existential leap, make the decision that carries me beyond what I was yesterday (and what every expert would predict I would be tomorrow) and do a new thing.” ~ Sam Keen: Hymns to an Unknown God: Awakening The Spirit In Everyday Life

At a time when I was struggling to find myself and answers, Hymns to an Unknown God was there for me, providing inspiration, solace and plenty of food for thought.

In The Deep Place of the Spirit

I read Sam Keen’s book Hymns To An Unknown God about ten years ago and it is still among my favorite books to draw inspiration from:  

“Road-weary, overwhelmed by the magnitude of the difficulties we face during our brief days, we are tempted to despair or to settle for cheap optimism. But in the deep place of the spirit, we are moved and called forth to undertake this ongoing adventure by the yearning, restless and creative One who – though called by the ten thousand names of God – is still clothed in marvelous silence.” – Sam Keen: Hymns To An Unknown God