Daily Affirmations: Inner Peace

Today, I re-mind myself that nothing outside of myself can take away my inner peace. In daily life there are stressful situations that shake our core. In those times, I re-mind myself to stop, take a deep breath, exhale and be still. ~ Pamela J. Leavey


(Photo: Immature Red Tail Hawk at Parker River Natural Wildlife Refuge ~ c. Pamela J. Leavey 2012)

Sandy Point and Hurricane Sandy

When I was a small child, my family camped on this beach every summer for a few years. Sandy Point State Reservation, is at the southern tip of Parker River National Wildlife Refuge, camping has been banned there now for decades.

When I was there a week ago, we were already experiencing extremely high tides. With Hurricane Sandy heading up the East Coast poised to possibly converge with a Nor’easter, I anticipate the hide tides at Sandy Point, and the entire area to be even higher than we’ve seen here in the last week.

The storm could also effect voting in the areas hard hit, which might just impact election results.

I love a good storm… but my hope is Sandy calms down before she strikes my area.

Daily Affirmations: Transformation

Today, I affirm that transformation is always manifest in my life, and I must remain open to receive it. In the past, procrastination, self-sabotage and doubt have all gotten in my way. Today, I cast those negative thoughts and actions to the wind and open my heart to manifest all good things in my life. ~ Pamela J. Leavey

(Photo: Blue Heron Flying at the Parker River ~ Pamela J. Leavey 2012)

Reflections: Trust

Sometimes the universe heaps so much unsavory matter in our lives, we feel swallowed up by the enormity of it all. It is there, we are in times of deepest despair and sorrow, brought to our knees. Some of us, come to know this time as the Dark Nights of the Soul.

It is here, we lay our troubles ahead of us like an unknown path to a destination that was not on our agenda. Crippled we find ourselves unable to walk the path and find the answers waiting in the light.

But trust we must, that the answers to our questions will be answered if we still our hearts and minds and listen.

It is there in the still of the dark night, that we cry out in anguish that life is so unfair. We weary of the thought of carrying on, because we have been worn down by so much grief.

And so in the darkness, we take one small step at a time, towards the light, with trust and faith that we will be encompassed with the ever glorious light of the universe.

Though the journey might be tough and and the process slower than we wished, we must all take this journey at times in our lives, because it is on this journey that we learn the lessons necessary and gain the strength to move forward in our lives.

The light is there… Trust we must.

(Photo: Parker River Sunset ~~ c. Pamela J. Leavey 2012)

On The Parker River Path

A few weeks ago I joined the ranks of the unemployed and took to walking 3 – 5 days a week with a dear friend, to clear my head and get grounded. There’s nothing better for freeing your mind than a brisk walk in the cool winter air.

Most of my walks were spent exploring the many trails and pathways at the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge. The Hellcat Swamps trails have become a favorite, from the observation tower on the Parker River side to the 50 foot dune on the ocean side.

My hikes abruptly stopped on January 8, after a fall in my driveway left me with abrasions, bruises and a badly sprained foot. The following day I ended up with a cast on my right foot which needless to say has kept me from the hikes and trails. The cast is scheduled to come off on January 23 and I am hoping to get the okay from the doctor to start hiking again.

The photo above is from the observation deck atop the 50 foot dune mentioned above. Continue reading