Daily Affirmations: Honor and Respect

“Honor who you are each day, and others will honor you. Respect the wills of other and you shall be respected.”  – Pamela J. Leavey

Cedar WaxwingPhoto: Cedar Waxing ~ c. Pamela J. Leavey 2013

The Dark Nights Of The Soul

I have alluded here from time to time that I have been on a path filled with struggles in recent weeks. It has been a time that many would call, the dark nights of the soul, referring to a time in one’s life when spiritual practice and discipline suddenly loses all it’s experiential value.

This particular journey through the dark nights of the soul started for me when I had what then seemed like a minor fall in my driveway, on the last full moon, January 8 ~ the Wolf Moon.

That fall however, coupled with other concurring trials and tribulations, has managed to turn my world upside down and leave my soul weary and wondering. Continue reading