Daily Affirmations: Cast Off the Mantle of Struggle

Today, I re-mind myself that carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders weighs heavy on my limbs, for burdens of life though they may stay with us for some time, are meant to be lessons that ultimately lift us up, not continually weigh us down. With my intention set at its highest purpose, I seek today and every day to let go of the burdens that I hold tight to. I release the past, I rest in the present, I go with the flow, and I let the weight that holds me down, melt away. I forgive those who need forgiveness, including myself. I accept what I may not understand. I look for blessings in the littlest of things, the briefest of moments. There I find gratitude in my day. I keep an open space in my heart that might feel compassion and love for those who like me struggle in this world. I strive this and every day to cast off the mantle of struggle and use my life to lift up others. I accept the grace that leads me. And so it is… Intent makes manifest.

Snow on the Pines

Snow on the Pines

Namaste… Pamela

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