In The Stillness

Solo Swan on the River ~ c. Pamela J. Leavey 2013

Solo Swan on the River ~ c. Pamela J. Leavey 2013

In the stillness
I hear the beating
Of the mother’s heart,
In the stillness
I know the pain
Of her longing.
I watch I wait
For her children
To appear,
I know her longing
For it is my own.
I cry out to the Mother
Where would that I could go,
For I have wandered lonely
In the light of the sun.
She tells me in whisper
Daughter I do not know,
Your path is written in the stars
Though on the river you do flow.
Sit peacefully in the still
The answers you will know.

© Pamela J. Leavey 2013

Life Is A Journey

Life is a journey. We never know where it will lead us, the destination is always unknown.

We can choose to see this journey as an adventure and rise and flow with the good and the bad, or we can stay stuck driving around the roundabout, spinning our wheels in instead of going with the flow of the journey.

When we grasp the life is an adventure mindset, we open our wings and begin to fly. It is in fact in this mindset that we soar to our greatest possibilities in life.

c. Pamela J. Leavey 2012


Narrative Essay: The Day I Met John Kerry

The Day I Met John Kerry

On a cloudy and rainy day, I find myself reflecting on my life, searching for an experience that changed who I am in the world. I have had more than a few life-altering experiences in my 56, almost 57 years that have influenced my life in many profound ways. As a woman of many stories to tell, that all seem to intertwine in the narrative of my life, the one that stands in clear alignment when I map them all out, is the day I met John Kerry for the first time, ten years ago this month, September 2003.  For that day ultimately empowered me and changed my life in many ways. Continue reading

A Moving Window on Life

She walks, she paces, stops, twirls slowly taking in the 360 degrees as if it were a panoramic film. For aren’t the scenes about us that we see from moment to moment just photographic memories that thunder through our minds like a slide show. It’s all out there, on the big screen. There is no veil, no curtain, just a screen or maybe… it is a moving window on life.

Writing My Way Towards A New Life

I have not shared here on my blog that last month I received my Contemporary Communications Certificate at UMass Lowell and I am now enrolled in a Bachelor Of Arts in English progam at UML.


It’s been a very rewarding experience for me, at 56 years old to take my life’s work and add to it an education that I can utilize on a new path in my life.

The word, the written word, has long been a passion for me. I’m finding my craft expanding in new ways for the first time in a decade as I delve into my memory bank for scenes to write about.

Writer’s love feedback… I’m going to start sharing some pieces “From My Journal” that I hope readers will enjoy.