Food for Thought: On Being Busy

Saying I am “Busy,” can signal the need to avoid something unpleasant.

Many people use “busy” as their catch all buzz word to hide their preference to not respond or discuss something that might make them feel uncomfortable. I know I have used it myself on more than one occasion. It is the perfect excuse to get out of anything we don’t want to do.

But using that “busy” excuse gives rise to beg these questions: Continue reading

Quote of Day: The Dalai Lama

I recently had my trust and warm-heartedness taken advantage of by an old friend who did not understand these concepts… This speaks to me. Despite what I went through my warm-heartedness has not faltered…

We live in a materialistic world that pays insufficient attention to human values. We seek satisfaction in material things instead of warm-heartedness. But human beings are social animals. We need friendship and that depends on trust. Building trust requires concern for others and defending their rights, not doing them harm. Friendship is directly linked to warm-heartedness, which is also good for our physical health. ~ His Holiness The Dalai Lama



Daily Affirmations: Open the Gate

Sometimes we block ourselves off, we put up walls and close gates to keep others out of our lives. These are all defense mechanisms we devise to protect ourselves from hurt and pain. It is not even that we do these things consciously most of the time. Typically it is a habit, hard-formed that we find so hard to break. Even those of us with an open heart can still harbor fears, that we wear like battle scars. The walls, the locked gates, these are shields. We’ve done battle, we’ve had a our hearts handed to us time and time again when all we’ve wanted is love. Today, I re-mind myself that it is okay to open the gate and let love in.

keep out gate

Namaste… Pamela

Daily Affirmations: Practicing Humility

In the day to day interactions we have with other people, it is so important to remain humble. Today, I remind myself that humility does not mean I think of myself as a lesser person, it means I think I am no better than anyone else. In practicing humility, I find myself open to a greater capacity for acceptance and compassion for others. This in turn opens my heart and mind to a more loving state in which I am better able to understands the needs of my loved ones. And so it is that today I remind myself that to go forth with a humble frame of mind is to be open to see others as equal. Intent makes manifest.


Namaste… Pamela

Daily Affirmations: Love

It is a hard to be single sometimes in a world filled with couples. One finds themselves as odd man or woman out, in my case, at a party where everyone is married. But it is okay to be single. In fact, I have found that to lack a partner in life, is not to lack love. Indeed, I am blessed with the knowledge each day, that my life is filled with love, for love takes many forms and comes from many different sources for many different reasons. Yes, I have great love in my life. And so it is that today and everyday, I bless the love and the loved ones in my life. Love is always blossoming around me…

peony buds

Namaste… Pamela

Daily Affirmations: Forgiveness

Today, I seek to make forgiveness part of the path I walk this day. For I acknowledge that the place in me that holds on to grievances, only holds me down. In order to live my life fully, I must let go of all perceptions of wrongs, done to me by others, or by me to myself or others. As I forgive others, I recognize that I also forgive myself. I also acknowledge that the past does not exist, there is only now, this moment in which I am living. I cannot hold on to past grievances, I must release them to the winds. Today, I seek to make forgiveness part of the path I walk this day. And so it is… – Pamela J. Leavey


Namaste… Pamela