Daily Affirmations: I Live in the Now

Today, I re-mind myself that the re-living past transgressions serves no purpose in my life. I strive today and everyday to be in the moment; I live in the now. In truth, there is this moment in time and only this moment in time, as we pass through this life. I look to find presence, grace, peace and joy in each moment as they come. Namaste… Pamela

pink white peony

I Will Not Die, Nor Wither On the Vine

I will not diepinkroses
Nor wither on the vine,
With out you
In my life;
For I am like a rose
That shall bloom
Forever in the light.
I will not mourn
Forever the passing,
Of your touch
Upon my soul;
For I am like a star
That shall shine
Forever in the night.
I will not wake at
At daybreak,
And wish to hear
Your gentle voice;
For I am like the sun
That shall glow
Forever with all my might.

Daily Affirmations: I Choose To Be Happy, I Make Happy Happen


The path to happiness is not always lined with flowers. The simple truth is that although happiness is a choice we can make, we must also work at happiness each day. I re-mind myself today and every day: I choose to be happy. I make happy happen. I see the path to happiness require my attention. I do the work to make certain that happiness flourishes in my heart and mind. I release striving, holding on and I practice forgiveness. I live a loving life. And so it is. ~ Namaste… Pamela

Daily Affirmations: True to Myself, True to Others

“Today, I re-mind myself that it is ever important to be honest with myself and others. I acknowledge that when I deceive others, I am deceiving myself, so in that, I strive daily to be true to myself and others. For I know that when I am true to myself, I create the space and energy to be true to others. Today, I strive to be a gentle voice of truth and reason in all circumstances and relationships. Truth subjective as it may be at times, is the cornerstone of a wise intellect and a good heart. Truth fosters compassion and acceptance, and brings about change.” – Pamela J. Leavey

cat tails loosestrife

Daily Affirmations: Happy, Healthy and Abundant

wild black-eyed susans

Today I remind myself that I am Healthy, Happy & Abundant. These three blessings are positive forces that are working in my life today and everyday. I am thankful for these blessings and all of the blessings in my life. My life is rich. – Pamela J. Leavey

Food For Thought: A Flower Bud

Peony Buds

Peony Buds

Treat this day as though it is a flower bud, opening and unfurling its petals as the moments of the day pass on. Each moment, each petal unfurling, is an opportunity for growth and change. We can blossom in our lives as flower bud changes from a tight, young bud to wide open flower, rich and heady with pollen to germinate the seeds of life elsewhere.

We are the cycle of life, as is the flower bud. We gain nothing if we remain tight and closed, a bud unwilling to open. We must look towards each day and unfurl our lives with happiness, gratitude and inspiration to be the most glorious flower we can be. That is living in the moment.